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News video games 22 May 2020, 15:18

author: Bart Swiatek

Bannerlord - Kingdom Wizard and Improved Auto-Resolve in Next Patch

The creators of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord informed that the game will soon see another patch, which will introduce a tool for creating our own kingdoms, as well as major changes to the criticized battle auto-resolve system.

M&B2 will soon receive another patch.


  1. Bannerlord will soon receive another patch;
  2. The update will improve the auto-resolve system, add a tool to create our own kingdoms and fix chairs in the fortresses of the Khuzait people;
  3. The release date of the update is not known yet.

Developers from TaleWorlds - authors of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - informed on Twitter that the game will soon receive another patch (its release date is not known). The patch will introduce significant changes in the gameplay mechanics. One of the biggest changes will be addtion of the possibility of creating kingdoms from scratch, regardless of the main storyline

Below you can find patch notes from beta version of the update patch - the changes should look more or less like this, although something may change in the full version of the patch.

"Implemented Sandbox Kingdom Creation, which is possible through the clan screen and not dependent on the main storyline. Players need to have at least 1 settlement and a tier 4 clan. Then players can select their kingdom's culture (consisting of their settlements' culture or their own clan's culture), select their initial policies (up to 4) and, finally, select the name for their new Kingdom," we read.

The update will also make several improvements to the criticized battle auto-resolve option - including the elimination of several bugs (including one that makes soldiers appear in the wrong place on the battlefield) and enable players to give orders for the formation of troops at the beginning of the mission.

The last fix concerns the bugs associated with chairs in the fortress of the Khuzait people.

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