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News video games 01 April 2022, 16:49

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Battlefield 2042 Players Have Spoken; DICE Comments on Maps

DICE has summarized the comments coming in over the month regarding planned map changes in Battlefield 2042. It looks like fans are wishing for fixes for more than just Kaleidoscope.

In early March, studio DICE showed off planned changes to maps in Battlefield 2042, which we are supposed to receive at the beginning of the game's first season. Now the developers have responded to player feedback.

Over the past month, the developers have been closely monitoring fan feedback posted on the Battlefield forums, Twitter, Discord and Reddit. The result is a new post on the Battlefield 2042's official website. In it, they again refer to the issues raised in March.

Not only Kaleidoscope; covers and movement

A month ago, DICE made it clear that the Kaleidoscope map has priority in the topic of changes. However, the developers noted that players also want improvements on Renewal. Therefore, this battlefield will also be modified in the first season update for BF2042.

  1. Internet users have also asked about the possibility of reducing the emphasis on traveling on foot by increasing the number of available vehicles. The developers have rejected this option for now, because it conflicts with the performance improvements that are being prepared.
  2. Instead DICE is considering changes to the vehicle categories to make air transport more accessible (for example, by moving the MD540 Nightbird to the assault helicopter group).
  3. Players also want more immersion, which, in their opinion, is currently spoiled by maps that are too "clean" and do not show the strategic importance of flags. The developers will change this by, for example, turning the gazebo in Sector B1 on Kaleidoscope into a military facility.

Chaos of vehicles...

Speaking of vehicles: fans have pointed out the excessive accumulation of machines as the main reason why clashes involving 128 players are too chaotic.

  1. To change this, the developers are thinking about reducing the maximum number of active machines from a given category on the battlefield from three to two, as well as doubling the "freezing" for helicopters and attack helicopters, to two minutes.
  2. Increasing the areas around flags is also being considered, though so far this idea has not gone beyond discussions between developers.

...and pathfinding

Other elements making orientation on the battlefield difficult are not very clear paths leading to flags. The developers have already announced reduction of distance between them and the bases, but players have also asked the developers to "decorate" the route with covers. These are to be added anyway, to slightly reduce long-distance clashes.

  1. The fans' idea is for covers themselves to sort of mark out the paths between targets, making it easier to move from one point to another and identify where to expect enemy fire from.
  2. Internet users have also mentioned certain locations on the maps that don't make much sense. They are not used when moving between flags, nor do players clash in them. The developers have confirmed that they intend to remove such useless terrain on a dozen maps, including sector E1 on Renewal.

Source: Battlefield 2042 official website.

The Future: Season 1 and Specialists

First in line will be the changes related to accessibility and vehicles. These fixes will be introduced in the next update.

Then, as announced in March, the developers will take on the Kaleidoscope and Renewal adjustments that we will receive in the summer update for season one. We'll know more closer to the release of these updates.

As for DICE's next blog post, it will be dedicated to specialists and will take a similar form to the article on maps... assuming the players show patience for, in their opinion, slow fixes to Battlefield 2042 more than four months after the game's disastrous release.

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