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News video games 12 November 2021, 18:54

author: Hubert Sledziewski

BF2042 Like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Stunning in 4K

New 4K gameplays from Battlefield 2042, debuting next week, have surfaced online. The Portal mode matches, played on classic maps such as Arica Harbor from Bad Company 2 and Noshahr Canals from BF3, have especially caught the community's attention.

Battlefield 2042's launch is coming next week, but thanks to early access, buyers of the Gold and Ultimate edition can start playing today, so can EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers (the latter can play for 10 hours). Everyone who could, jumped on the new shooter from EA DICE and as a result, the web was flooded with gameplays.

Particularly popular are recordings of matches from the Portal mode, which enables you to fight battles on maps from older installments of the series and use their various elements to create unique clashes. For example, fans were extatic about the interface-free 4K video from the revamped version of the memorable Arica Harbor map from Bad Company 2. You can watch it below.

There are, of course, many more similar videos - there's something for everyone. If you're into Battlefield 3, for example, I recommend checking out the duel on the Noshahr Canals map. This time with the interface, but the gameplay in 4K is still impressive.

At the start Portal mode is to offer a total of 33 locations, but during the development of BF 2042 the creators should add more; personally, I'm hoping for my favorite Laguna Alta from Bad Company 2. And what locations from the series would you like to see in the newest installment of Battlefield? Let us know in the comments. And well, for those of us who missed out on Early Access, we have to wait until November 19. Battlefield 2042 will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, XOne and XSX|S.

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