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News hardware & software 22 November 2020, 21:52

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Coil Whine in Your PS5? You Might Look for A Displaced Sticker

Are you having problems with the volume of PlayStation 5? There's a chance that the discovery of Frank Keienburg from Supercell might help. After dismantling the console the developer found a rather unexpected cause of coil whine.

The launch of 9th-generation consoles did not go without a hitch, as is usually the case with a debut of new hardware. Even aside from the problems with Amazon's supply and deliveries of 'replacement' products, there have been reports of coil whine on the web, with some PlayStation 5 units working very loudly. One of the people affected was Frank Keienburg from Supercell. Chief designer of Brawl Stars decided to dismantle the console by himself to find the cause of the noise. It turned out to be... a sticker caught in the console's fan.

Further investigation on Twitter showed that the sticker most probably served to keep one of the cables in the console in the right place. Apparently, in Keienburg unit, it came loose for unknown reasons (perhaps during transport), and then it was sucked in by the fan. It is possible that a similar problem was encoutered by other owners of PlayStation 5, but we would point out that opening the console by yourself means that the warranty is void. If you still want to try this solution, we recommend that you watch Sony's official video.

Of course not all problems can be explained by a sticker. Fortunately, more serious defects seem to be rare for the time being, although unfortunately they are there. However, for now it's better to hold off the final judgement about PlayStation 5's reliability.

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