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News Files and Mods 18 December 2022, 20:34

author: Adrian Werner

Company of Heroes: Stalingrad 42 Mod Now Available

The Company of Heroes: Stalingrad 42 mod has been released. The project recreates the clashes for the eponymous city and significantly increases the realism of gameplay.

The release of Company of Heroes 3 is only a little more than two months away, but fans of the series do not even think of stopping releasing mods for earlier installments of the series. The latest fruit of this has been the debut of the highly anticipated mod called Stalingrad 42 for the first CoH.

The project recreates the battles for the eponymous city during World War II. The authors' goal was not only to add new content, including maps and units, but also to ensure maximum realism offered by the engine of Company of Heroes.

  1. Stalingrad 42 - download the mod from our FTP. (The authors have given us permission to host a mirror)

The project offers twenty Stalingrad maps and four bonus scenarios recreating clashes on the Leningrad front. They are accompanied by appropriate summer and winter skins for the armies. During the game we can use only those units that really took part in these battles.

The realism of the battles has also been increased. The speed of movement and range of vision of units depend on the weather. The different types of weapons have a much greater range than in the basic version of the game, and the damage inflicted is more serious. Armies consume fuel and ammunition based on actual historical values, and these must be replenished. In addition, vehicle crews repair their machines themselves as much as possible. The developers have also heavily improved the visuals, especially textures.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the project is based on the solutions of the classic mod titled Eastern Front (you need to install it via Steam Workshop before downloading Stalingrad 42), but virtually all of its elements have been improved and expanded.

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