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News video games 17 October 2022, 14:09

author: Adam Adamczyk

Coral Island - Fast Travel and Festival List

To unlock fast travel in Coral Island, you need to complete certain tasks beforehand. In this guide you will learn how to do them and when the festivals start.

Coral Island is a very nice game, which somewhat resembles the iconic Stardew Valley. In the title we explore a colorful world, meet NPCs, interact with them, perform various tasks and, of course, take care of our farm. Thanks to this guide you will learn, how to unlock fast travel and when the in-game festivals start.

How to unlock fast travel?

Traveling the world of Coral Island on foot can be tiring at times, but fortunately there is a fast travel system in the game. However, it is inactive at first, but can be unlocked by completing the quest called Mythical Dream and making donations to the temple.. However, let's start from the beginning.

Coral Island - Fast Travel and Festival List - picture #1
The task becomes available after going to bed on the sixth day in the game.

To start the Mythical Dream quest, all you need to do is go to bed on the sixth day in the game. Then your character will dream a dream in which a mysterious voice will begin to encourage you to explore the sacred trees. After completing this activity, another quest called Temple Offering will unlock. It involves going to the temple to make donations. We can then offer 5 of the seven items, and they are:

  1. X10 Wood
  2. X10 Stone
  3. X10 Fiber
  4. X10 Sap
  5. X5 Maple Seed
  6. X5 Oak Seed
  7. X5 Pine Cone

After offering five of them, the fast travel system will be unlocked.. You can only travel to places where altars have been actived. In order to activate them, other gifts must be placed on them.

Festivals in Coral Island

Special festivals are held in the game from time to time. Each of them starts on a specific day. Below is the full list of festivals, but it is worth noting at this point that the game is currently in early access, so the number should increase over time.

Spring Festivals:

  1. 10th - Cherry Blossom Potluck (not yet available)
  2. 21st - Earth Celebration Festival (not yet available)

Summer Festivals:

  1. 27th - Beach Cleanup Day

Autumn Festivals:

  1. 15th - Mooncake Festival
  2. 28th - Pet Day
Coral Island

Coral Island

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