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News Files and Mods 13 December 2021, 16:51

author: Adrian Werner

Crysis Back to Hell Mod Adds New Campaign

The mod called Back to Hell - Episode 1 for F2P game Crysis Wars has been released. It offers a new campaign designed for those disappointed with the linearity of Crysis 2.

Over the past several months we've received remastered versions of successive installments of Crysis. The refreshed trilogy is fun, but many fans are hungry for new challenges. This is where modders come to the rescue. One of them, namely Flowgroover has just released Back to Hell - Episode 1, the first part of a new story campaign.

The project is even more interesting because it requires only the free edition of Crysis Wars. So you don't have to own neither Crysis nor Crysis: Warhead. Just download the demo and install patch 1.5.

The mod's creator was not satisfied with Crysis 2. He did not like the linear gameplay and less open maps. So he decided to create his own, unofficial sequel to the first part. Back to Hell - Episode 1 once again sends us yo the island where we face aliens and the Korean army.

The mod offers new maps, enemies and additional nanosuit upgrades. The whole thing is very well made, which is not surprising since the author has been creating this project for many years. The only weak point are minor language errors, but this does not interfere, because in Crysis is not played for the sake of beautiful prose.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the author of the mod previously released the FarCrysis X project, which recreates the campaign from Far Cry on the engine of the first Crysis.

  1. Crysis: Warhead - Back to Hell - Episode 1 - download page (author gave us permission to host a mirror)
  2. Crysis: Warhead - Back to Hell - official website'
  3. FarCrysis X - download page


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