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News video games 29 August 2021, 17:31

author: Paul Musiolik

Norman Reedus May Have Revealed the Existence of Death Stranding 2

It looks like Death Stranding 2 is being made. Norman Reedus, who plays the main character, admitted in an interview with Adoro Cinema that negotiations with Sony are underway.

  1. Norman Reedus may have revealed the existence of a sequel to Death Stranding.

A sequel to Death Stranding may be in production. The surprising news was provided by the actor playing the main character - Norman Reedus - in an interview with AdoroCinema, as reported by IGN Brazil.

The question about Kojima Productions' game came up during interviews with journalists held in advance of the debut of season 11 of The Walking Dead, in which Reedus plays one of the lead roles. When asked about his participation in Kojima's production, the actor may have revealed the existence of the sequel.

"I believe there is a second installment of Death Stranding. Negotiations on this are ongoing, so..."

After this statement Reedus expressed his excitement. Of course, there's a shadow of a chance that the actor was mistaken and was talking about the Director's Cut, which is coming to PS5 and will debut on September 24, 2021. But perhaps Sony, who owns the rights to the brand, decided it was worth continuing the familiar story and greenlit a sequel.

Those who haven't had a chance to play yet will be able catch up on the title soon. The PlayStation 5 version will add new quests and story scenes, additional package transport options (e.g. Buddy Bot, jet motor allowing for soft landing, package launcher), a shooting range or a race track.

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