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author: AlexB

Detroit: Become Human sold 2 million copies

The story of three androids proves to be a compelling experience, as sales of the latest game from David Cage and Quantic Dream reach 2-million mark.

David Cage is an artist whose reception varies from player to player. Some people can't stand the way the stories are told in his productions and cringe when listening to dialogues in YouTube walkthroughs. Others like the cinematic style and vivid emotions present in the experience served by the Frenchman, and are eagerly awaiting his next titles. As it turns out, the latter group is quite large. One of the reasons for this is that just over half a year after release Detroit: Become Human has sold more than two million copies worldwide.

It turns out that David Cage's and Quantic Dream's latest production has found about 500 thousand buyers since August. It’s a very good result, especially when we take into account the fact that the title was released only on PlayStation 4, and the previous works of the studio did a bit worse. It took Beyond: Dwie Dusze took almost five years to reach 2.8 million copies sold, and both releases (PS3 and PS4) were taken into account. Six months after the release, Heavy Rain sold in 1.5 million copies, which was considered a major success at the time.

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The story of the trio of androids moved many gamers across the world.

The success of Detroit: Become Human will certainly give David Cage and Quantic Dream studio additional motivation to deliver another cinematic adventure game, full of emotions and difficult moral choices in the near or distant future. Let's hope, however, that this time the atmosphere during its creation will be a bit more friendly for the employees. No matter how you look at it, defeats in subsequent court cases could hardly have a positive impact on the company's image and are much more likery to deter potential talents who would like to find a job at the company and bring new quality to the emerging projects.

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Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human

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