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News Files and Mods 03 March 2022, 14:01

author: Adrian Werner

Dying Light 2 - Best Mods

Since the release of Dying Light 2, quite a few notable mods for the game have been released. We have selected the most interesting and useful of them.

The day after tomorrow, four weeks will have passed since the release of Dying Light 2. So, let's take a look at the most interesting mods that fans have developed so far. The game does not offer official tools, which limits the modding capability, but the players managed to release many noteworthy projects. The experience earned with the previous installment surely came in handy.

Without the support of Techland, we cannot hope for new adventures, but the modders managed to change and improve many elements of the game, thanks to which we can diversify the experience and adjust Dying Light 2 to our preferences.

{ramkaczerwona} Most of the authors of the following mods gave us permission to host our own mirrors. In other cases, you will find links to the official sites in the article. {/ramkaszerwona}

Dying Light 2 – how to install mods

Most of the mods are in the form of data#.pak files, where # is a number that represents the order in which the mod ought to be loaded – data2.pak will be loaded before data3.pak etc. To install a mod, just copy the .pak file to "(...) DyingLight2StayHuman\ph\source."

Tips for installing many mods

The problem is that many mods make changes to the same file name, so simply copying them to the target folder only overwrites the previous ones. However, there are ways to merge these changes.

Method #1 (simpler)

You can change the mod's number to a subsequent figure. For example, if you already have data2.pak and data3.pak in your source folder and the next mod is named "data2.pak" then rename it to "data4.pak." This should work all the way until data11.pak.

Method #2 (harder)

Alternatively, you can create your own mod combinations. .Pak files are simple archives that you can open with software like WinRAR or the like. With its help, you can combine the contents of .pak files. This way, you will get one .pak file, combining the effects of both modifications.

Useful mods for everyone

  1. Skip All Intros – removes the intro videos played each time the game is launched. It sounds modest, but since Dying Light 2 is a game for hundreds of hours, the time saved in this way becomes significant.
  2. Expanded FOV Options – This mod allows you to change the field of view to be less claustrophobic.
  3. Developer Menu – the project activates the developers console in the game, offering a set of commands that allow you to change a large number of elements and activate additional options.

Visuals and graphics mods

Dying Light 2 Enhanced Mod

Dying Light 2 - Best Mods - picture #1

The most ambitious project changing the visuals of the game is Dying Light 2 Enhanced Mod. The mod improves the graphics to a degree far beyond what the game settings offer.

  1. Introduces more shadows.
  2. Adds better fog at long range.
  3. Alters the weather cycle so that it rains more often at night. Additionally, you will encounter fog, overcast sky and storms more often (this feature will be unlocked after switching to the second map).
  4. Increases the level of detail at longer distance for trees, shadows, and other objects.
  5. Increases the number of zombies and other enemies on the maps.
  6. Removes or reduces various post-processing filters such as lens flare, sky blur, afterglow, streaks, etc.
  7. Slightly modifies the minimum and maximum exposure values.
  8. It also gently adjusts the contrast and saturation, so there is no longer any need to use e.g. ReShade filters.
  9. Unlocks and activates many additional graphics settings that were included in the engine but not enabled in the game. This element is highly experimental and some of these functions do not work yet.

Other interesting graphics projects:

  1. Remove screen clutter – removes all flying debris, leaves, newspapers, etc. It makes the game look much cleaner and yields a few additional frames.
  2. DS4 Dualshock Button Icons – as in the case of the first part, Dying Light 2 does not correctly detect PlayStation 4 controllers – instead, we see the Xbox 360/XONE icons on the screen. This mod replaces them with DualShock 4 icons.
  3. E3 Lawan – The final version of the Lawan model is very different from what was shown in the early video materials. If someone likes the original version of this character more, this mod brings it back.
  4. NO POST PROCESSING EFFECTS like flare etc. – something for graphics purists. The design removes visual effects such as sharpening, bloom, depth of field, and chromatic aberration.

Gameplay changes

I Am Legion – Reborn

I Am Legion – Reborn is the most comprehensive mod changing the gameplay in Dying Light 2. The project greatly boosts the survival aspects of the game. It modifies the AI so that zombies become fiercer and more aggressive, and human opponents become smarter. Opponents are generally more effective and their behavior is more varied and less predictable. There are also more of them on the maps and they chase the player much further. The mod also introduces environmental changes that increase the variety of weather conditions, adds realistic physics that changes combat, making the effects of receiving attacks seem less like animations, and more something that's partly governed by the physics engine, as was the case in the first installment of the cycle.

It's worth mentioning that the project is a successor to the analogous I Am Legion mod to the first Dying Light.

Other interesting mods:

  1. Proper Dynamic Weather – the mod introduces many additional weather conditions and increases the realism of this aspect of the game.
  2. Physics Overhaul – improves the physical effects of bodies reacting to hits. They become more realistic and diverse. An alternative project of this type is Physics Are Back.
  3. Real Time – changing the daily cycle. With the modification, time runs just like in the real world – an hour in the game lasts an hour on the clock. Alternatively, if you want to slow down the flow of time, but not to the real level, you can use Slower Time.
  4. More Zombies – Max Density – a mod that maximizes the number of zombies spawning on the maps, making the streets full of the living dead.
  5. Spider-Aiden – a mod that changes the main character almost into Spider-Man. We run faster, jump farther and higher, and can use the rope almost without any restrictions.
Dying Light 2 - Best Mods - picture #2

Gameplay facilitations

Gameplay facilitations that maintain level of challenge

  1. Less XP and Trophies Grind – greatly reduces grind, both in terms of character development, upgrades and crafting.
  2. Easier Challenges – reduces the difficulty level of challenges.
  3. Increased Durabiliy – increases the durability of weapons, thanks to which they wear much slower than standard.
  4. Faster Dash Sprint – This mod increases the length and speed of a sprinting.
  5. Grappling hook buff – this mod enhances the capabilities of the grappling hook line in the game.
  6. Increased Survivor Sense – enhances the sense of survival.

Mods that act as cheats

  1. Joew Dying Light 2 Mod – a trainer-style program. You can use it to activate, among others, immortality. It also allows you to change the balance of the game, e.g. accelerate the pace of development.
  2. Unlimited Weapon Durability – disables the weapon wear system, which means that a weapon once acquired will never be damaged and we can use it as much as we want.
  3. Infinite Stamina – this one is self-explanatory.
  4. Unlimited Arrow and Bolt – never-ending arrows for bows and bolts for crossbows.
  5. Immunity Toxins and Night immunity – makes hero immune to toxins and night effects.

Additional facilitations

You can make the gameplay easier by also using ready-made saves or trainers:

  1. Early game max level save
  2. Save with all drafts, paraglider, hook and infinite gold
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