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News video games 04 July 2022, 15:25

Fans Fix Iconic Game After 20 Years; It's a Rare Bird Costing a Fortune

Silent Hill 2's version for newer PC systems has long suffered from a critical bug that made playing it impossible. A fan update fixes the problem, removing a nearly 20-year-old bug.

There is no denying that Silent Hill 2 is one of the most iconic representatives of the survival horror genre, which shaped it for years to come. However, the game, originally released for the PS2, caused many problems for PC owners, as the PC port suffered from a large number of bugs - including some that made gameplay impossible.

A team of Silent Hill fans decided to fix the old classic by creating the modification called Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition for PC, which fixes many of the original's problems.

No more crashes

The biggest improvement made by the modding team is the elimination of an audio bug that led to the game crashing.

In the original PC release of Silent Hill 2, the audio engine was incompatible with multi-core processors for some reason, which caused the game's audio to loop, resulting in a crash. Until now, it was necessary to run the game using only one processor core.

The latest (already eighth) update to SH2: Enhanced Edition gets rid of this problem, as discussed in the videobelow:

Rare bird in new robes

In addition to eliminating the critical bug, the developers of Enhanced Edition have prepared a ton of improvements to many aspects of the game, such as rebuilding the audio engine from the ground up (to which, among other things, we owe getting rid of the bug), improvements in graphics (both during gameplay and cutscenes), as well as many, many others.

If you want to trace the update history of the fixed Silent Hill 2, you can find it on the developer's channel on YouTube - Town of Silent Hill - where videos are regularly published, taking a closer look at the subsequent fixes for the old classic.

Although it all sounds very beautiful, unfortunately, people who would like to get their first taste of the horror classic in a refreshed setting may be a bit discouraged if they see the prices of boxed editions of the game. Ownership of a physical copy is required to fire up the mod (SH2 is not available for digital sale), and this one can cost up to several hundred dollars on online auctions.

Those who own a boxed edition of Silent Hill 2, can enjoy the benefits of the Enhanced Edition mod and see for themselves if the project makes that much difference.

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Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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Silent Hill 2 (2001)

Silent Hill 2 (2001)

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