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News video games 17 June 2021, 14:58

author: Patryk Lukasz Kubiak

Players Will Fly Away in Fortnite? Season 7 May Bring Zero Gravity

It looks like players are going to lose contact with the ground with the release of Fortnite's seventh season, literally. A rumor has surfaced online suggesting the introduction of a zero-gravity area (or areas).


Twitter user HYPEX published rumors about Epic preparing a zero-gravity location. Along with these reports, he also uploaded sounds to confirm the information.

The new season of Fortnite has just begun, but players have already seen several changes and news, including the introduction of Superman and Rick from Rick and Morty to the game, as well as improving the quality of graphics in the PC version. It looks like the alien invasion - which is the main theme of the season - will bring other interesting innovations for the game. Known for the latest news and leaks regarding Epic's title, HYPEX recently revealed that an item that cancels gravity in a certain area will be introduced to the game. Now he tweeted that these are not the only plans of the creators of Fortnite in terms of playing with gravity - players will be able to get a seasonal area or areas where the law of universal gravity will not apply.

The potential biome would be located in the middle of the map, but this is community speculation. Along with its revelations, HYPEX has released some sound samples related to the possible location. These are supposed to be signals for players to hear as they enter and exit the zero gravity zone. You can also hear ambient noise in the audio, which would potentially be in such a location.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time Epic has intended to introduce a similar solution. In season one of Fortnite players could visit, among other things, a biome called Loot Lake, where there was no gravity. Characters in this area could jump much higher than usual.

The developers have not confirmed whether the reports are true, but previous seasons have introduced major updates to the game's gameplay mechanics, so something could be afoot. So far in Fortnite there are special skins and a football tournament, which are attractions associated with the start of Euro 2020 in football.

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