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News video games 14 November 2021, 20:09

author: Czarus

GTA Like Bond for Take-Two; Series Could Live for Decades

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, compared the GTA series to James Bond movies. He believes it is brand with the potential for an equally long life. Fans, however, may be worried by his approach to releasing subsequent installments.


  1. This week Jefferies investment bank held a conference for representatives of the interactive entertainment industry, which was attended by Strauss Zelnick - CEO of Take-Two Interactive;
  2. He compared the GTA and Red Dead series to James Bond movies. He claims both franchises have a long future ahead of them;
  3. Strauss Zelnick also referred to the long gaps between releases of subsequent installments of the popular series - it's supposedly a deliberate gesture, aimed at building tension in the players while waiting for the next game.

This week the Jefferies investment bank organized a conference for representatives of the interactive entertainment industry. According to VGC, one of the speakers was Strauss Zelnick - Take-Two Interactive CEO. In his opinion, franchises such as GTA or Red Dead have the potential to live on for many years, just like the James Bond series..

The head of the publishing giant also mentioned that it is extremely important to wait between the next installments of iconic series. This helps to build the right tension among the players and prevents franchises from burning out. He compared it to the situation with James Bond movies.

“I go and see a Bond film because there isn’t another one in two months – I’m going to see every Bond film.”

Strauss Zelnick also added that the decision to put a series on hold is not arbitrary, but rather a consensus. However, despite his faith in the games his company develops, he stressed that nothing lasts forever, which is why the company is investing in new brands.

November 11 saw the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, which was not without some controversy regarding bugs, graphics and a reduced song list. The game was even pulled from sale on PC.

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