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News Opinions 06 February 2023, 20:23

Hogwarts Legacy Features Ancestor of a Famous Wizard; Character Analysis

Hogwarts Legacy turns out to be a real treat for Herry Potter fans. Therefore, the game could not lack a reference to a certain famous wizard. In Hogwarts we meet his ancestor. Beware of minor spoilers.

Admittedly, this is already suggested by the title, but I will also mention it here, so that no one has any complaints. The rest of the article contains minor spoilers from Hogwarts Legacy. It's nothing substantial - just a discussion of a certain character's traits and related facts - but feel warned.

Almost a year before the release of Hogwarts Legacy there appeared a rumor that a certain Victor Rookwood - an ancestor of the Death Eater Augustus Rookwood - could be found in the game. Now that our editors got acquainted with the latest work of Avalanche Software, we can confirm these revelations. However, I'm not going to reveal too much, as Victor plays a very important role in the main storyline.

Interestingly, he is not the only character from Hogwarts Legacy, whose descendant has become associated with Voldemort and his henchmen. We discovered a more direct connection - and it was with the family of the Dark Lord himself.

We are talking about Omnis Gaunt, an ancestor of Tom Marvolo Riddle (for the record - this was Voldemort's name in his school days). The name Gaunt may seem familiar to you, as it appears in J.K. Rowling's books. It was borne by Tom's mother, from whom the boy inherited magical abilities (his father was a muggle).

Hogwarts Legacy Features Ancestor of a Famous Wizard; Character Analysis - picture #1

Omnis Gaunt.Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

It's hard to say who Omnis was to Voldemort. A great-grandfather? Or perhaps a great-uncle? The former seems more likely - the contributors to a fan wiki-type site apparently came to a similar belief, as the updated Gaunt family tree have placed Omnis directly above Marvolo, Tom's grandfather (whom the latter killed with his own hands).

So it's possible that the former was the father of the latter, but it's difficult to confirm this unequivocally, as the creators of Hogwarts Legacy have taken a rather casual approach to the game's timeframe. We only know that its action is set in the 19th century, i.e. between 1800 and 1900. It is possible that the developer decided on such a move to spare themselves chronological inaccuracies (and fans reasons for outrage).

Hogwarts Legacy Features Ancestor of a Famous Wizard; Character Analysis - picture #2

Omnis Gaunt.Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

One thing is indisputable, however - Omnis Gaunt shares a great many characteristics with Voldemort. Aside from the fact that they both belong to Slytherin, they also hate "mudbloods" (wizards with part muggle blood). In addition, Omnis can sometimes be quite judgmental of the player's character - which the player has the opportunity to feel by completing Sebastian Sallow's storyline, in which the young Slytherin plays an important role.

This is how a character created for the game became part of the lore of the world of Harry Potter, as well as Voldemort himself. Of course, this is not the only nod that Avalanche Software has included in its latest game. We also spotted an easter egg, referring to a certain important location from the books and movies. You can read about it here.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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