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News video games 22 December 2021, 14:53

author: Bazowski

Horizon: Forbidden West Will Offer Six Gameplay Styles

The release of Horizon: Forbidden West is approaching. Guerrilla Games leaned over a few novelties that we'll find in the upcoming game, including the question of gameplay styles.

Horizon: Forbidden West will offer a new and expanded skill tree. The game was recently featured on the cover of the latest issue of Game Informer magazine and on this occasion the devs revealed some interesting tidbits. Back in October, they mentioned that player freedom would be essential. They weren't lying - as it turns out, new, redesigned character development tree will take into account up to six different play styles.

Horizon: Forbidden West will have us traverse the post-apocalyptic world as:

  • Warrior - specialist in melee combat;
  • Trapper - expert in a variety of traps;
  • Survivor - focuses on health and resources;
  • Infiltrator - acts quietly and in secret;
  • Hunter - focuses on ranged combat;
  • Machine Master - focuses on hacking mechanical beasts.

The game will enable us to combine styles as you like, and the skills offered within them can be improved. We'll also take care of appropriate synergies with our equipment to increase the effectiveness of particular items.

Horizon: Forbidden West Will Offer Six Gameplay Styles - picture #1

The expanded skill system is not the only change in the upcoming installment of Aloy's adventures. More regularly than in the first installment, we'll fight alongside NPCs who can even share some ammunition with us over time. In cities we'll come across new challenges that will test our skills and reveal the secrets of combat mechanics. There will also be a feature of upgrading equipment. Each upgrade will enable us to unlock additional capabilities of gear and increase its stats.

The release of Horizon: Forbidden West is scheduled for February 18, 2022. As you can see, there's a lot to look forward to.

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