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News video games 17 August 2017, 13:54

author: luckie

Iron Harvest gets the first gameplay trailer

So far we've only seen some intriguing art and screenshots from Iron Harvest, a diesel punk RTS combining the 1920s and mechs. Now the game's got its first trailer, which shows off some gameplay.

Iron Harvest, an intriguing RTS set in a “1920s-meet-mechs” universe called 1920+, has received its first gameplay trailer, more than a year after we first heard of the game. Although it isn’t very long – it only lasts about a minute – the video shows off a bunch of unique mechs with a strong early-twientieth-century vibe. Iron Harvest is planned to launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 some time in 2018.

As you may have heard, Iron Harvest is based on the 1920+ universe, which exists mainly in the form of illustrations by a Polish artist Jakub Rozalski – you can see some of his works on ArtStation. The key concept is the introduction of mechs – both tank-sized and real massive ones – in an alternative version of the post-Great War Europe.

When it comes to Iron Harvest’s fast-paced gameplay, the developers from German studio KING Art Games speak openly about drawing inspirations from Company of Heroes and Dawn of War. In the game the player will command relatively small troops of soldiers and machines, therefore, every unit will be precious. The game will feature three fictional European nations, which are obviously based on their real-life counterparts: the Saxony Empire, the Polania Republic and Rusviet. Each of those will feature unique heroes with their own background stories and special abilities.

Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest

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