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News video games 16 October 2019, 11:03

author: Bart Swiatek

League of Legends Devs are Working on a Diablo-like Game

Riot Games is working on a hack'n'slash game set in the Runeterra universe, known for its popular MOBA title League of Legends. The new game is known as Project F.

Hack'n'slash in the world of League of Legends?

During the long livestream that was part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of League of Legends, Riot Games introduced a number of new titles that it is currently working on. One of them is Project F, which resembles a hack'n'slash game. A short gameplay fragment can be found in the video below (around 2:19).

Unfortunately, we have almost no details about this production - all we know is that it will enable the players to "travel around the world of Runeterra with their friends".

"While we love League of Legends, I think we all wondered what it would be like to run around the world of Runeterra and explore it. How can we enable the players to do this with their friends," asked one of the developers.

Developing an action RPG in the LoL universe seems to be a great idea - the world was basically created for this type of game, and developers from Riot Games have extensive experience with games in which we observe the fun from an isometric perspective. Considering the multitude of interesting characters in their MOBA game, it can also be assumed that they will not have any problems with creating a few different heroes for a production resembling Diablo.

It is not known when Project F will be launched. It is worth mentioning that Riot Games has also announced several other projests.

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Project F

Project F

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