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News video games 06 April 2021, 22:36

author: Michael Kulakowski

Impressive List of Changes and Fixes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

BioWare presented details on the changes introduced in the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collection. The biggest novelties await fans of the first installment, in which the systems of combat, equipment and exploration of planetary surfaces using Mako will be rebuilt.

We learned about the existence of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition last November. The remaster of the iconic sci-fi game trilogy from BioWare will be released on May 14, on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC. The first question from the fans after the announcement was how much changes would be made to all three games, and whether it would be limited to visual improvement. In recent months, we have only partially learned the answer to these doubts. However, this changed today thanks to the extensive blog post of the developers, which contains detailed information on the prepared changes. It turns out that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition introduces much more novelties to the trilogy than previously expected. It's mostly about changes in the game mechanics, which affects the first installment of the series to the greatest extent.

Mass Effect - overhaul of combat mechanics

Every fan of Mass Effect knows that between the first and second installment of the series there was an incredibly large gap when it comes to gameplay mechanics, which changed the way we fight enemies and use weapons and abilities. The original Mass Effect used a system similar to BioWare's classic RPGs, while Mass Effect 2 switched to solutions borrowed from action games.

The remastered Mass Effect's combat system has been reworked to make it less of a departure from the other two installments while still retaining its unique character. The use of weapons, movement during battles and the use of cover have all been significantly improved. Changes in the aiming system and camera work were not forgotten either. In addition, for the first time we will use a dedicated melee button, just like in the other installments of the trilogy. Humanoid enemies, without exception, will now also take extra damage when hit in the head. In addition, for the first time we'll be able to give orders to each team member individually, as we did in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Impressive List of Changes and Fixes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition - picture #1
The biggest changes to the gameplay will be introduced in the first installment.

Mass Effect - equipment, weapons and gameplay balance

Weapon system was not spared from the changes. We'll be able to use all types of weapons now, although advanced abilities associated with each of them are still available only for specific character classes. Fans will be pleased with the additional options of equipment management, enabling us to instantly mark and sell unwanted items. The devs have also improved the effectiveness of many special abilities, attacks and reduced cooldown of weapons.

The devs have improved some of the boss fights, which are to become a bit easier, and modified the number of experience points acquired during the game. Thanks to this second change, we will advance much faster in the final chapters of the story. Let's add that the devs also abolished the level cap imposed during the first campaign playthrough.

Impressive List of Changes and Fixes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition - picture #2
Nevertheless, the combat system in Mass Effect will not lose its original character.

Mass Effect - improved control over Mako

One of the most hated elements of the first installment of Mass Effect was the multi-wheeled Mako APC, which we used to traverse the surface of explored planets. Due to it driving model, controlling the vehicle was a nightmare and a source of endless frustration for many. In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, however, this is to change. The developers promise that it will be much easier to control the unbearable vehicle.

To a large extent it will be thanks to the new physics system, which will prevent perpetual sliding and unexpected capsizing. Mako's shields will also recharge much faster than before, while new boosts will give it increased speed. In order to make the game more enjoyable, the automatic and forced end of missions after falling into the lava in a vehicle has been removed. Killing enemies with Mako's cannon will now give you the same amount of experience points as when killing them on foot.

Impressive List of Changes and Fixes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition - picture #3
New model of controlling Mako is one of the biggest advantages of the remaster.

Mass Effect 3 - Galaxy at War and ending

Galaxy at War was a special module in Mass Effect 3 in which we gathered allies and resources to resist the Reaper invasion, which had an impact on the game's ending. The most important part of this element was the co-op multiplayer gameplay, which was removed from the remaster. In response, the devs rebuilt the module and Galaxy's readiness level for the battle is no longer affected by external factors such as our victories in multiplayer or the use of a special mobile app. On the other hand, the degree of completion of the two previous installments of the trilogy will now matter.

General changes in the whole trilogy

The devs have also introduced many general changes unifying the whole trilogy. All installments of the series will be launched from the same menu. The games will also use the same character creator. The devs have fully integrated their DLCs (except Pinnacle Station for the first Mass Effect) into their respective games, thanks to which we'll get access to additional weapons and missions in a natural way. Many new trophies/achievements have also been introduced, as well as changes in the visuals (textures, supported screen resolutions, new lighting system, etc.), which have been described many times before. Fans can also expect remixed audio and soundtrack. In addition, remasters include numerous bug fixes in the gameplay, as well as digital versions of Dark Horse comics, which depict events preceding Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

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