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News video games 12 May 2021, 20:51

author: Szarmancki

How to Train Your Dragon DLC for Minecraft and Hidden Depths for Minecraft: Dungeons Announced

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft: Dungeons will receive new expansions. Standard Minecraft will feature content from How to Train Your Dragon movie series, while in Minecraft: Dungeons will enable us to explore the depths of the ocean in the Hidden Depths DLC.

Paid content expansions for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition are nothing new. In the spring of 2017, a virtual marketplace appeared in the game, where not only developers but also the players can post their maps, mini-games or resource packs or skins for characters in exchange for Minecoins - a digital currency used in the store. In the aforementioned service we can also find a number of quite extensive DLCs, which by their design resemble mods, but are much more than that. The latest and definitely the most impressive so far is the addition introducing the world and characters from the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. But that's not all - Minecraft: Dungeons will also receive new, paid DLC titled Hidden Depths which will take the hack'n'slash gameplay under the ocean surface.

How to Train Your Dragon expansion for Minecraft currently costs 1340 coins. It looks really impressive - it introduces a world known from the animated film, a city full of NPCs and completely new mechanics such as dragon training, flying on the backs of these beasts, and using them in combat.. In addition, as can be seen on the trailer, the area in which the DLC takes place will offer some really nice views. It is worth adding that with the purchase of How to Train Your Dragon we will receive up to 24 skins for characters inspired by the movies.

Hidden Depths for Minecraft: Dungeons is primarily another expansion introducing new levels and mechanics to the game. This time, the devs have prepared an expedition to the depths, where not only will we have to face the enemies known from the original game and the Aquatic update, but also take care of access to oxygen and constantly replenish its supply while exploring the bottom of the ocean. On the release date, May 26, in addition to the paid expansion we will also receive free content with new spells, levels and an unprecedented, challenging opponent called Raid Captain.

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