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News video games 21 June 2024, 04:52

author: Adrian Werner

Nearly 590K Players Fell on Elden Ring on Steam After DLC's Release, but Banana's Score Is Still Far Away

The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion scored an excellent debut on Steam, leading to a huge increase in Elden Ring game activity scores.

Source: Bandai Namco

The expansion Shadow of the Erdtree for the action RPG Elden Ring made its release. Now, almost ten hours after the premiere, it's worth checking how the expansion is doing on Steam.

  1. Players have responded enthusiastically - the DLC on Steam has nearly 3500 reviews with 92% of them being positive. They are categorized as a "very positive."
  2. The premiere of the expansion also led to a sharp increase in Elden Ring activity results on Steam. At the peak moment last night, 589,948 players were playing the game simultaneously.
  3. Reaching nearly 600,000 is still an incredibly impressive achievement, although this result is far from the overall game record of 953,000 simultaneous players set just after the premiere of Elden Ring.
  4. To demonstrate the extent of the game's performance growth, it's worth noting that a month ago, the average daily activity records for Elden Ring on Steam were around 47-60 thousand people playing at the same time. Since the beginning of June, the number of players has steadily increased as they returned to the game to prepare for the upcoming expansion. As a result, in the days leading up to the premiere of Shadow of the Erdtree, daily records began to approach the level of 200,000 players playing simultaneously.

At the time of writing this article, Elden Ring is the top bestseller on Steam in terms of revenue, and Shadow of the Erdtree is in second place.

Elden Ring returned to the top five most popular games on Steam yesterday, thanks to the release of the expansion. However, despite that, the title failed to surpass the absurd free clicker Banana, which yesterday set a new activity record with 917,272 players playing at the same time.

Problems on Steam Deck

With the premiere of the DLC, Elden Ring received the 1.12 update. It brought many beneficial changes, but at the same time it ruined the game on Steam Deck. Some players are reporting issues when attempting to connect to the game's servers, while others have found that the game fails to recognize control signals if left idle for a few minutes. The developers informed that they are aware of these problems and are already working on fixes. However, it isn't yet known when we can expect them.

Let's remind that Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree was released on PC and Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5.

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