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News movies & tv series 13 September 2019, 23:43

author: Paul Wozniak

Netflix Accidentally Reveals Exact Air Date of The Witcher

A piece of information appeared on Netflix's Dutch social media profiles, revealing how many nights were left until the premiere of The Witcher. However, the post has quickly disappeared from the web.

Will we actually see Geralt in December?

One of Netflix' employees informed VGC that not all the information provided in the deleted entry was officially confirmed, so it quickly disappeared from the web. For us, it means only that we still don't know when we will actually see the series on our screens.

We still don't know the official premiere date of The Witcher from Netflix, but all the rumors and leaks so far clearly indicate that Geralt will appear on our screens in December, this year. Less than two weeks ago, there was information that the production was due to be released in October, but it was soon discovered that the reports were false. Yesterday, however, some quite credible news has seen the light of day, once again confirming the debut of the series in December.

On the official Dutch Twitter profile of Netflix there is an entry informing about how many nights are left before the premieres of this year's biggest titles. As you can probably guess, there were also some details about the series about Geralt. However, the post was quickly removed from the web, but we know that nothing vanished from the Internet. You can see the original content of the entry below.

We're only 96 nights from the premiere of The Witcher!

It is clear from the information provided that there were still 97 nights left before the premiere of The Witcher, and in practice 96 because the post was published yesterday. After accurate calculations, it can be easily concluded that the premiere date is December 17, 2019. However, it differs by several days from the date suggested by earlier leaks (December 20).

This time the source of information is reliable, although the quick deletion of the post may indicate either an error in the figures it provided or that the post was shared too early. One thing can be said for sure - with every day we are getting closer to the premiere of The Witcher, and perhaps soon we will learn its premiere date officially.

The information first appeared on 12 September 2019, 13:06.

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