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News video games 20 June 2022, 12:33

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Original Minecraft Trailer Recreated in Modern Build

Minecraft fans have once again been transported to the past. This happened with a revamped version of the game's original trailer.

Oh, Minecraft. Fans of the cube-filled sandbox love to reminisce about how things used to be. Basically, the recent The Wild Update delivered in that department, but that's what I want to write today. Here's the thing, one of the fans recreated the original trailer of Minecraft, causing quite a stir in community.

Nostalgia (again)

Quite recently, user KeyboardAbuser posted a video, where we could watch how Minecraft has changed across 13 years. Now we get another portion of nostalgia, thanks to the aforementioned trailer.

RedAdventurer11 decided to recreate the first official trailer of Minecraftusing the current version of the game. The refreshed (and nostalgia-inducing) remake of the trailer can be watched below.

It is worth noting that RedAdventurer11 is not the first player who decided to recreate the trailer. On YouTube we can find for example a video by Laffa, who came up with a similar idea two years ago.

Tidbits in the trailer remake

In addition to the many comments praising the work of RedAdventurer11, one of the users noticed a curiosity. Namely, after the 58th second of the video the author used chronologically arranged clips from sebsequent Minecraft versions, These are:

  1. "The ice spikes represent 1.7;
  2. The statue in the ocean is 1.8;
  3. The fight at the end of town is 1.9;
  4. The treatment of the igloo villager is 1.10;
  5. The forest mansion is 1.11;
  6. Building a rainbow bridge is 1.12;
  7. Crossing the ocean is 1.13;
  8. Invading a village is 1.14;
  9. Escorting the bees is 1.15;
  10. The Strider journey is 1.16;
  11. Lightning bolt is 1.17;
  12. Parkour in a lush cave is 1.18.

And that last one is probably just to end it nicely, because as far as I know, that clip has nothing to do with 1.19," wrote LennyTheSniper

Original trailer

Speaking of the remake, we cannot forget about the original trailer from 11 years ago. Interestingly enough, it currently has over 160 million views, which makes it one of the most watched game trailers on YouTube.

It is worth mentioning that at the time of the trailer's release Minecraft was in version 1.1. In this version we got summoning eggs, a super flat world type, beaches, and support for 56 languages.

Version 1.1 of Minecraft did not bring with it any new blocks, although it did start a streak of snapshots that continue to this day, appearing before official updates.

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