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News video games 19 May 2021, 14:33

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Rambo and John McClane Coming to Warzone Tomorrow

Action movie legends will join Call of Duty: Warzone tomorrow. We will be able to play as Rambo and John McClane. Some changes will also affect maps.

  • 80s Action Heroes event will begin in CoD: Warzone tomorrow;
  • There will be two new operators in the game - Rambo and John McClane;
  • Changes inspired by their films will also affect the map.

Fans of 80s action cinema - here's some good news for you. Activision has prepared, as part of the third season in Call of Duty: Warzone, a special event that will enable us to revisit themes known from Die Hard and Rambo. The event called 80s Action Heroes will introduce changes to the map, new operators, skins and weapons.

The highlight of the event is probably the addition of two new playable characters to the game. Confirming previous information they are John Rambo and John McClane. The characters will be available in Warzone as new operators. They have special finishing attacks, unique weapons and cosmetic elements, so we are not dealing with simple skins. However, they will not be available for free. New operators will be purchased separately and we'll be able to use them in the game beginning with tomorrow.

The creators made sure that players who do not want to reach into their wallets also be able to take advantage of the upcoming event. As part of the 80s Action Heroes event the map will also undergo changes. The Nakatomi Plaza skyscraper, known from Die Hard, will appear where the broadcasting tower used to stand. There will be several optional missions involving disarming explosives on its roof, thwarting illegal weapons sales, and breaking into a safe full of treasures.

Fans of the character played by Sylvester Stallone can also look forward to locations inspired by his films. The camps scattered around Verdansk have been remodelled to resemble those in Rambo 2. In them, you can find special items and dog tags of fallen soldiers. Collecting the appropriate number of them will unlock unique rewards. Hangars located in Verdansk have also changed. They were transformed into the headquarters of CIA agents who are tracking the escaped John Rambo.

We'll be able to start playing like it was the 80s beginning with tomorrow. All fans of the aforementioned films should download the new update as soon as possible and throw themselves into the battle. Changes introduced in the event are only temporary and after some time the Verdansk map will return to its original state.

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