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News other 09 September 2020, 22:10

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Razer Reveals Gaming Chewing Gum for Increased Concentration

Razer presented its latest product: Respawn chewing gum. It is supposed to help maintain concentration and mental fitness during the game.

Chewing gum to give you an edge during a game? Why not?

The video gaming market has long ceased to be a niche and, as with any big business, companies outdo each other in providing players with essential, interesting or strange products. This is a niche for Razer, which presented... esports chewing gum. Respawn was created in cooperation with 5 Gum and is available in three flavours: Cool Mint, Pomegranate Watermelon and Tropical Punch. A package containing 15 strips costs $2.99, while a box with 10 packs costs $27.99. The purchase can be made either through the official Razer website or through Amazon.

This is not the first unusual product from Razer's catalogue. The company offers not only numerous peripherals for players, but also energy drinks, mask vending machines and... a toasters. Apart from the second one, one can see a certain connection between these "accessories" and gaming. In this case, the producer says that Respawn was created with the need for "food and beverage products [...] to help maintain focus and mental agility during gameplay" in mind. (via BusinessWire). We take your word for it.

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