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News video games 04 July 2022, 13:31

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Ready or Not - Armor Types and Materials

In Ready or Not you will find several types of body armor and additional accessories. Here you will learn what they are characterized by and their capabilities.

Ready or Not is a game that has long been a dream for fans of Rainbow Six, disappointed with the casual approach adopted by Siege. It's also the spiritual heir to the iconic SWAT 4, which debuted 13 years ago.

When reaching for Void Interactive's title, you must know that you are interacting with a tactical shooter that does not forgive mistakes. Equally important as reaction speed is planning and selection of equipment.

Below you will learn about the armor and headgear featured in the game. This way you will be able to customize your outfit for any conditions.

Ready or Not - body armor types

In Ready or Not there are only two types of body armor. This choice should therefore be relatively simple. They differ fundamentally from each other. Below you will find their description.

  1. Light armor - provides upper body protection (both front and back) only against small-caliber weapons. At the same time, it offers the greatest mobility.
  2. Heavy armor - provides protection for the torso and arms and legs against small and larger caliber weapons. It shields both the front and rear of the body. However, it limits the character's mobility, making them move much slower.
  3. Anti-Stab vest - is the armor that guarantees the greatest mobility and more magazine pouches. However, it offers minimal protection from enemy gunfire.

Ready or Not - body armor materials

When selecting your character's equipment, you will also be able to choose the material from which their armor is made. Currently Ready or Not offers three materials. Below you will find their list and description.

  1. Kevlar - the lightest and least durable material. It offers great mobility, but can withstand only a few direct shots from small-caliber weapons. After that it suffers irreparable damage.
  2. Ceramic - intermediate material. Offers moderate protection and mobility. It is able to withstand several shots from any type of firearm. After suffering them, it is destroyed.
  3. Steel - the most durable material. Reduces the effects of gunfire from any type of firearm and cannot be irreparably damaged. However, it significantly reduces mobility, and hostile fire is felt in the form of a significant blurring of the screen.

Ready or Not - headgear types

In the game, you will also be able to choose from several headgear or accessories that will provide you with more durability or offer additional tactical options. Below you will find a list of them with descriptions.

  1. Night vision goggles - enable you to see in the dark without using additional light sources. They also make it possible to see infrared laser beams.
  2. CBRN riot gasmask - protects the wearer from harmful substances in the air.
  3. Anti-flash goggles - protect the wearer from the harmful visual effects of flashbang grenades.
  4. Ballistic mask - protects the user from small arms fire and incapacitating ammunition.

At this point, these are all the types of armor and accessories you will find in the game. However, please note that Ready or Not is a game that is in early access. So the developers are constantly expanding their game and you can count on new content appearing in the future.

Ready or Not

Ready or Not

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