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News video games 24 February 2021, 17:07

author: Adrian Werner

Over 32 Million People Play Roblox Every Day

Thanks to a financial report from the creators of Roblox, we found out the number of daily users and how many of them spend real money in the game.

  1. 32.6 million players per day;
  2. 30.6 billion hours spent in the game in 2020;
  3. 490 thousand people spending money in the game every day.

Roblox developers published a report summarizing financial results for 2020. The company responsible for the game received $923.9 million in revenue (an increase of 82% compared to 2019), but it failed to make a profit and closed the year with a loss of 253.3 million, which was mainly due to strongly increased spending on the expansion of network infrastructure and such sectors as security, marketing and research on new technologies. However, the devs do not have to worry about the lack of funds, as they recently received 520 million dollars from private investors for development.

The report contained a lot of interesting information about the game's popularity. Thanks to it, we learned that at the end of 2020, 32.6 million gamers played Roblox at the same time every day. In 2019, it was "only" 17.6 million. The time that players spend in the title is also steadily increasing - from 9.4 billion hours in 2018 to 30.6 billion last year.

As many as 8 million users are so-called active creators, i.e. people who share original content with the rest of the community. Currently, there are more than 20 million projects prepared by the players available in the game.

Unusual element of Roblox is the fact that fans can earn money on their creations. So far, over 1.3 million of them have earned at least one Robux (in-game virtual currency that can be converted to real money). 1,250 people have earned more than $10,000 this way, and 300 have earned more than $100,000.

Every day in Roblox about 490 thousand players spend money. It's a small percentage of the whole community, but even here we can see a big increase, because two years ago it was only 125 thousand people per day.

  1. Roblox - official website


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