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News video games 12 October 2020, 22:06

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Rockstar Games Acquires Crackdown 2 Devs

We already know what is the recently discovered Rockstar Dundee. The name is used by the creators of Crackdown 2 from Ruffian Games - the latest acquisition of Rockstar Games.

Crackdown 3 didn't bring much success to its creators from Sumo Digital, quickly fading into oblivion compared to other games from 2019. The devs of the second installment the series have had more (?) luck. Ruffian Games was bought by Rockstar and renamed to Rockstar Dundee. The name was discovered by internet users in September, but at that time it did not arouse much interest. Only now did The Gamer find out that it refers to the creators of Crackdown 2.

Founded in 2008, the studio doesn't have a rich legacy - most players can know it as the creators of the second and third installment of the Crackdown series. The team has also worked on the Halo collection, although the main developer of the series was 343 Industries. So it's hard to say what we can expect from (former) Ruffian Games under the aegis of Rockstar, especially since we still haven't received an official announcement about the acquisition. The job offers on the studio's website also don't reveal anything solid enough to make any guesses about the creators' plans.

It's worth mentioning that the founders of the studio had previously worked for Realtime Worlds - the one created by David Jones, one of the creators of the first Grand Theft Auto. So you could say that for some Ruffian Games employees it's a return to the roots. Another issue is how many of these developers remember the times of DMA Design, which is now known as Rockstar North.

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