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News video games 18 February 2021, 16:22

author: Milosz Szubert

„Medievil GTA” Rustler Launches in Early Access

Rustler, an action game developed by the Polish studio Jutsu Games and described as „Medievil GTA”, made its debut in Steam's Early Access today. On this occasion, the developers organized an hour-long stream presenting the title in action.

  1. Rustler is now available in early access on Steam;
  2. The period is expected to last about six months;
  3. On the occasion of the launch, a new trailer for the title has appeared online, as well as an hour-long stream presenting it in action.

Almost exactly a year ago a fundraiser on Kickstarter for Rustler from the Polish studio Jutsu Games was launched. The specific, humorous and loose atmosphere of the title, which the devs themselves describe as "GTA in the Middle Ages" (its subtitle, by the way, is Grand Theft Horse), charmed many viewers. We could see it in action in a recent demo - Rustler: Prologue. In turn, today, in accordance with previous announcements, at 4:00 AM PT on Steam, the discussed top-down action game launched in early access.

  1. Rustler on Steam

A new trailer has also appeared online. You can watch it below.

As the devs emphasized, the version of Rustler, which was released today, is fully playable - it has all the main features, eliminated the most serious technical issues and optimization problems. Over time, with the support and feedback of the community, more missions, mini-games, weapons, types of horses and carriages, elements improving the balance and appearance of the world, and a few surprises will be added to the game.

Rustler's stay in early access is expected to last about 6 months. After that, the price of the game may change.

On the occasion of the release of Rustler in early access on Steam, a live stream began over 20 hours ago, presenting gameplay. You can watch it on Valve's store.

„Medievil GTA” Rustler Launches in Early Access - picture #1
Rustler has no shortage of references to pop culture.

Finally, we invite you to read the official system requirements of Rustler.

Rustler - minimum system requirements

  1. OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  2. CPU: Core i5-3570K
  3. RAM: 8 GB RAM
  4. GPU: GTX 780
  5. DirectX: version 11
  6. HDD space: 5 GB

Rustler - recommended system requirements

  1. OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. CPU: Core i7-4790
  3. RAM: 12 GB RAM
  4. GPU: GTX 1060
  5. HDD space: 5 GB
  1. PlayWay - official homepage
  2. Jutsu Games - official homepage


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