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News video games 17 May 2016, 13:32

author: luckie

Shadwen releases today; watch the launch trailer

The new game from the developers of Trine is coming out today. Shadwen is an innovative stealth-action game with time-bending mechanics similar to SUPERHOT – time moves only when you move.

Today marks the release date of Shadwen, a time-bending stealth-action game from the creators of Trine, Frozenbyte Games. What puts the title apart from typical representatives of the genre are the mechanics. Gameplay is similar to SUPERHOT – time only moves when the protagonist moves, plus you are able to rewind time. This creates additional tactical options, as you are able to plan your next step in advance or correct your mistakes. While having such a useful tool at your disposal, you have to make sure you remain udetected. Watch the launch trailer to see how it works:

The game’s protagonist is the eponymous female assassin on a quest to kill the king. Early on she meets an orphaned girl, who accompanies her for the rest of the game. As she moves across locations, Shadwen has to find or make a safe passage for both herself and her little friend. In order to do this she can grapple onto rooftops, use physics-based traps against guards, or sneak behind their backs to stab them.

Shadwen will be out for PC (Windows, OS X, Linux) and PlayStation 4. Its launch price on Steam is going to be discounted to $14.55.



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