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News video games 14 October 2020, 17:06

author: Bart Swiatek

Some 8th-gen Games Will Run Twice as Smooth on New Xbox

Microsoft has announced that some of the eighth-generation games will run twice as smoothly when launched on Xbox Series X / Series S consoles. We can also count on a number of improvements in the area of graphics.


  1. Xbox Series X / Series S will enable you to play some eighth-generation titles with twice as many frames per second;
  2. Thanks to the Auto HDR feature, Microsoft's new devices will also enable you to enjoy HDR in games that have not yet supported it.

Microsoft announced that selected games from current generation will run on Xbox Series S / Series X (as part of backwards compatibility) with "virtually twice as many" frames per second as on Xbox One. It should be noted that this does not apply to all titles (e.g. one of the examples given - and, importantly, shown - is Fallout 4.

Microsoft's next-gen consoles will also use a system called Auto HDR, which allows for the use of an expanded color standard in games that normally don't support it (most often because they were created with it at all). The technology is supposed to allow for visually attractive effects without disturbing the original vision of the graphic designers. We can also expect increased resolution (thanks to the so-called Heutchy method, which was also used in the case of backwards compatibility of Xbox One), improved texture filtering and anisotropic filtering.

Presentation of the Auto HDR system.

In the note that was the source of the news there was also a detail that should delight the owners of Xbox 360 - soon users of this console will be able to use for free the function of cloud saves, which in the case of this platform so far was available only to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

As a reminder, Xbox Series X / Series S consoles will launch on November 10, this year.

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