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News video games 05 March 2020, 23:30

author: Michael Kulakowski

Star Wars: Project Maverick Appears in PS Store Database [Updated]

A mysterious production called Star Wars: Project Maverick appeared in the European PlayStation Store database. The game, which is hidden from curious eyes in the shop's code, is also accompanied by promotional graphics.


The owner of PSN releases profile shared the official ID number of the production, which allowed to draw even more information about the project from Sony's database. After reviewing it it turns out that in this case we will be dealing with a test beta version. What's more, the title certainly doesn't work with VR glasses and will potentially allow for multiplayer fun. There is also a short music clip available, which will theoretically be played when selecting the production in the PlayStation 4 menu.

One of ResetEra user noted that the unofficial twitter account of PSN releases mentioned today that Star Wars: Project Maverick was added to the European PlayStation Store database. The user is monitoring the changes made to the Sony store, often with interesting effects, especially when they concern officially "invisible" titles. Using this method, the existence of Resident Evil 3 Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake demos was recently discovered.

At the moment it is difficult to determine what Project Maverick will actually turn out to be. However, the entry is accompanied by official artwork, showing a star destroyer surrounded by X-wings. The action of the game will therefore potentially take place shortly before or during the original trilogy. If we consider the title of the game, which includes the term Project, we can expect that it is either temporary, or we are dealing with a minor title or a demo. Especially the latter two seem likely. Moreover, thanks to Top Gun, the word "Maverick" has been associated with military pilots for many years. So, are we gonna be dealing with a VR game, in which we're gonna sit at the helm of a rebel fighter?

Officially, Electronic Arts is currently working only on one title from the Star Wars universe, which is still shrouded in mystery and, according to the publisher's assurances, is to be extremely unique. The initial work on the sequel of the best-selling Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order is probably also underway. Additionally, if you believe the rumors, EA has recently cancelled one more unannounced project taking place in a galaxy far far away. It joined two previously cancelled titles, known as Ragtag (2017) and Orca (2018).

A new pilot simulator in the Star Wars universe?
  1. Electronic Arts - official homepage

The information first appeared on 04 March 2020, 22:09.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons

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