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News video games 29 April 2021, 20:04

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Starbase From Trine Devs Launches in Early Access in June

New game from Frozenbyte will hit early access in June. Starbase is the first MMO game created by the Finnish studio.

  • Starbase will be coming to early access on Steam on June 17;
  • It is a new game by Frozenbyte, the devs of the Trine series;
  • Starbase is an MMO set in a vast galaxy controlled by intelligent machines.

On June 17 Starbase, the newest game by Frozenbyte will be available in early access on Steam. It's an ambitious SF sandbox. It's also the first MMO game by the Finnish developers, whose best known work is the Trine series. Early Access will enable us to check how the devs dealt with a completely new kind of genre.

Starbase will take the players to the world controlled by intelligent machines, which we will be playing as. In the course of the game we will be able to join various factions functioning in the universe or act on our own. Very important element of gameplay is also the possibility of free environmental destruction and building various objects, machines or whole orbital stations.

Starbase's Roadmap for 2021

We'll travel through the vast galaxy with a variety of spaceships. Among them, there are both small one-man vessels and capital ships. The latter can provide home for hundreds of players, in addition to being a powerful war machine. It will be introduced to the game just at the release of Starbase in early access.

The devs also released an extensive roadmap. Over the course of 2021, Frozenbyte intends to expand the community elements, develop the ability to build objects in the game world, or introduce the option to lay siege on space stations. Many smaller improvements and cosmetic elements are also planned.



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