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News video games 20 January 2022, 11:11

author: Jacob Blazewicz

The Witcher 3 and Valheim Have Issues on Steam Deck; First Games Verified

Information about the first Steam Deck-verified games has been added to the Steam database. Unfortunately some high-profile productions experience some minor issues.

  1. Information about the first games verified for Steam Deck has been released in the Steam database;
  2. Only half of the 67 titles work flawlessly;
  3. 24 games have some issues, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Valheim, Subnautica and Inscrytpion;
  4. So far Persona 4 Golden is the only game not using VR technology that can't be run on Steam Deck.

In February - after its first and (hopefully) last delay - Steam Deck will hit the market. The portable console-PC from Valve is supposed to enable us to enjoy almost the entirety of the Steam library. "Almost", because the portable device will not offer support for VR games and apparently a couple of other titles. Information about the first titles verified for this device has appeared in the database of Steam. You can access them through SteamDB (via Gyossatis on Reddit).

Of the 67 verified titles, only 38 run without any glitches - including Portal 2, Total War: Warhammer II, and Psychonauts 2. A further 24 games face problems of one kind or another, mostly in the form of unreadable text. There are also problems with controllers, such as in the case of The Witcher 3 (no support for external controllers), Valheim (incorrect button markings) or Subnautica (both previous problems plus non-functioning default controls). Some productions also lack cross-save functionality, such as Bravely Default 2.

At the end of the day, there remain five productions that - unfortunately - do not currently run on Steam Deck. Four of them are VR titles, so no further explanation is required. An explanation would be handy, however, in the case of Persona 4: Golden, which can not be run on Valve's device. This may be surprising, because the title is on the list of games supported by Proton - a technology that enables us to run games developed for Windows on a Linux system, on which the SteamOS supervising the operation of Steam Deck is based.

However, if you read the reports on ProtonDB, since the June 2020 release, some Linux and derivative users have mentioned the game being forced to shut down as early as the opening video. Apparently, the problem is the way video files are encoded, which forced players to install codecs or use Proton's command line. Unfortunately, after such a long time since the debut, it is unlikely that Atlus will fix this fault.

Steam Deck will be sent to the first purchasers in February.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

Graduated with a master's degree in Polish Studies from the University of Warsaw with a thesis dedicated to this very subject. Started his adventure with in 2015, writing in the Newsroom and later also in the film and technology sections (also contributed to the Encyclopedia). Interested in video games (and not only video games) for years. He began with platform games and, to this day, remains a big fan of them (including Metroidvania). Also shows interest in card games (including paper), fighting games, soulslikes, and basically everything about games as such. Marvels at pixelated characters from games dating back to the time of the Game Boy (if not older).