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News video games 10 October 2020, 21:59

author: Paul Musiolik

The Launch of Squadron 42 is Still Light-years Away

We shouldn't expect Squadron 42 making its debut anytime soon. In a recent Q&A session Chris Roberts revealed that the development process will continue. No one wants to release a half-finished product.

  1. Chris Roberts was asked in a Q&A session about the launch of Squadron 42.
  2. His answer will not please those who hoped for an imminent release of this Star Citizen module.
  3. The reason for the protracted work is the great ambition of the development team and the desire to create the perfect game.

Squadron 42will appear when it is finished and Chris Roberts will consider it appropriate. Repeated questions about the single player mode for Star Citizen provoked the founder of Cloud Imperium Games to raise the topic in a recent question and answer session in the game';s forum.

"You're not really asking about what is being worked on Squadron 42, you really just want to know when it will be done. The best answer for your question is Squadron 42 will be done when it is done, and will not be released just to make a date but instead once all the tech and content is finished, polished and it plays great. I am not willing to compromise making a game I believe in with all my heart and soul."

Roberts added that even though everyone wants to complete this project as soon as possible, releasing something that doesn't meet the quality standards imposed by the studio is out of the question.

What about the roadmap promised in July, which is to familiarize us with the development plans for Squadron 42? In short, it will. Let's give the floor to Roberts once again:

"The new roadmap will show how we are doing towards that goal and as we get closer to the end it will be more accurate but it will never be a perfect crystal ball of the future as there is always a certain amount of unpredictability in game development."

Finally, there is a comparison with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 as examples of games that have been aiming (or are aiming in the case of CD Projekt RED's game) very high and their releases have been delayed so that developers can realize their ambitions. Let's hope that Squadron 42 (and the whole Star Citizen project) will truly benefit from this time and that the games will eventually be released.

  1. Star Citizen - official website
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