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News 04 March 2019, 22:57

author: Entelarmer

The New Forza Might be a Mobile Game

Brian Ekberg from Turn 10 Studios might have accidentally revealed the new Forza game. If the latest revelations turn out to be true, Forza Street may be coming to mobile platforms.

There are rumors about a new game from the Forza series. Such news would usually arouse the joy of the fans, but this time, it seems there will be no outbursts of enthusiasm. If we are to believe the latest news, the next installment of the racing game cycle, Forza Streets, is a production intended for.... mobile devices.

The New Forza Might be a Mobile Game - picture #1
A badly inserted hyperlink is quite an original way to reveal a game. (Source: GTPlanet).

When you hear the word "rumors" you most likely imagine a typical "leak", the credibility of which may raise justified doubts. In this case, however, the source is not an anonymous internet user, but Turn 10 Studios itself, which created the Forza Motorsports series. According to GTPlanet, Brian Ekberg, the Community Relations Manager, congratulated Evan "Raceboy77" Thorogood on his victory in the Canadian e-sports competition at Forza Motorsport 7. The problem is, Ekberg made a mistake when adding one of the hyperlinks and instead of an address to a website he pasted a hyperlink to an inaccessible local file. In its description there was the following information: "Created in collaboration with the British Electric Square studio, Forza Street was built from scratch to support a wide range of devices with Windows 10, iOS and Android".

The New Forza Might be a Mobile Game - picture #2
"Forza for mobile devices" is not exactly what that fans of the cycle have been waiting for.

So it seems that instead of full-fledged Forza we will get spin-off intended for mobile devices. However, while it is difficult to have more doubts about the authenticity of this - perhaps intentional - leak, it is difficult to say something more about the game itself. The only clue are the title and name of the team that develops it. Electric Square studio is only known for the free title Miami Street, released last year on Windows 10. The game is no longer available, which may be surprising less than a year after the release, but apparently its extremely simplified gameplay was not to the liking of the fans of exciting races.

The New Forza Might be a Mobile Game - picture #3
The previous mobile racing game from Electric Square failed to impress the players.

The presence of Street in the title of the upcoming Forza may indicate that we will get a production quite similar to Miami Street, if not identical in terms of gameplay. These fears seem to be dispelled by the declaration of the game being "created from scratch", but it is difficult to verify that without any official information. For the time being, we can only wait for a possible confirmation of the existence of the project.

Forza Street

Forza Street

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