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News video games 04 October 2021, 19:14

author: Jacob Blazewicz

WoW Players Annoyed; Blizzard Removed New Weapon

Not only images and names are disappearing from Azeroth. The same goes for the weapon called Duskwatch Arcblade, which was unexpectedly removed from currently tested World of Warcraft update.

A new patch for World of Warcraft stirs up a lot of excitement, not only because of the new features added, but also... content removed due to the "values" professed by Blizzard. At least that was the case in most examples. Players still have not solved the mystery of a weapon that unexpectedly disappeared from Azeroth.

As reported by Reddit users, Blizzard has removed a certain weapon from the tested update 9.1.5: Duskwatch Arcblade, a one-handed sword from the offer of Aridormi, a trader from the so-called Timewalking campaign from the Legion DLC. In a nutshell, this is an event (or difficulty level) that enables you to take part in random raids from the old days. The reward for completing them are badges, which can be exchanged at special merchants for valuable rewards.

WoW Players Annoyed; Blizzard Removed New Weapon - picture #1
Duskwatch Arcblade's animations were a bit off (to put it mildly). Source: Wowhead.

Blizzard did not give a reason for the sudden removal of the sword from the offer. However, from the comments on Reddit, it seems that the reason was due to Duskwatch Arcblade's animation bugs. The blade looks more like a so-called Warglaive - a weapon reserved exclusively for Demon Hunters - than a one-handed sword, and the use of typical animations for such weapons gave rather curious effects in this case, especially when the character "hides" the long twin blades at their belt.

Furthermore, for some reason Duskwatch Arcblade was not susceptible to transmogrification. In other words, it was impossible to personalize this weapon.

However, we are not sure that these bugs are the reason why Duskwatch Arcblade was removed from the public test server (PTS). Some people joke that this is another example of politically correct censorship in WoW, following changed or removed images and names.

Whatever the reasons behind this decision, the community hopes that the weapon will soon return to World of Warcraft. Many have been waiting for it for one reason or another - not least because it's the only way to equip a de facto Warglaive (at least in appearance) for non-Demon Hunter characters.

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