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News video games 27 October 2021, 21:50

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Some Story Quests Were Silently Removed From WoW

There have already been disappearing images, weapons, and jokes in World of Warcraft. Now it's time for quietly deleted story quests.

Recent reports from Azeroth have not so much been about adding new, but removing existing content. However, Blizzard managed to surprise players even after the disappearing images, jokes and weapons. For it turned out that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands quietly lost a handful of story quests.

The matter was reported by internet user Lenestar in a post on Reddit. The user had a "short" break from WoW (read: lasting from the middle of Battle for Azeroth until now) and while playing with the new expansion he eventually decided to take on quests that give access to content from Chains of Domination (i.e. update 9.1). To his surprise the first of them - "The First Move" - turned out to be a cutscene with Anduin. What's more, it's not the one Lenestar should see after actually completing this quest.

Some Story Quests Were Silently Removed From WoW - picture #1
New dialogue with Jaina Proudmoore in Oribos. Source: Lenestar from Reddit.

After a brief investigation, an internet user discovered that patch 9.1 has quietly removed 13 quests related to Torghast Tower, including those requiring us to find Jaina and Thrall in The Maw. The former character has also received a changed dialogue when we talk to her in the city of Oribos: the sorceress informs us that she was saved by another hero (i.e. the player character). This proves that the sudden disappearance of these quests (which are automatically marked as completed) was intentional on the part of the developers. In fact, they confirmed this in response to Lenestar's submission (via Reddit).

A handful of users pointed out that Blizzard's decision may have stemmed from complaints about (yet another) long series of quests. New players must complete them before gaining access to some of the content (in this case, the novelties of Chains of Domination), which can be annoying for some. Especially when the same has to be done for each character separately.

The majority of fans find this decision b(l)izarre since the developers themselves have already applied a much better solution on the occasion of another story thread in Shadowlands - Threads of Fate. If on a given account the player has completed the storyline quests associated with this thread, the game enables them to skip the quests when entering with a new character and thus go directly to the dungeons.

It should be noted that along with these quests, events that are relevant to the storyline have also disappeared, whether in the form of cutscenes or in-game dialogues. Even if their importance is considered minimal, players see no reason why Blizzard should remove these quests entirely. To make matters worse, there was no mention of these quests in patch 9.1, as you would expect from such an important change.

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