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Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

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Conjurer Class in Divinity Original Sin 2 Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide, walkthrough

Last update: 09 March 2020

This page of the Divinity Original Sin 2 guide contains a detailed description of Conjurer. You'll get acquainted with the basic information on this class, recommended playstyle, as well as its biggest advantages and potential disadvantages.

Conjurer is a class that is perfect for support - in default, it can summon creatures on a battlefield that can help their team and attract attention of an enemy which is especially useful when team members are vulnerable to attacks. When it comes to races, the best ones are Dwarf or Human - in the first case a character receives additional Vitality and chance for Dodge and in the second case a character has higher Initiative and Encourage ability that can give extra support. In default, a Conjurer starts with Pet Pal talent which allows this character to speak with animals - if you don't have any other characters with this talent then this is a good choice.

Conjurer in the class selection screen. - Conjurer Class in Divinity Original Sin 2 - Classes - Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide
Conjurer in the class selection screen.

Below, you can see starting parameters for this class.


In case of Conjurer two abilities were improved.

Attribute name





Additional Intelligence point allows a Conjurer to deal more damage by using magic staffs and wands as well as spells that are based on this attribute. However, it doesn't affect abilities from Summoning school which allow a Conjurer to summon various creatures on a battlefield.



Conjurer is a class suited for supporting their team and not dealing damage so additional 2 points that increase health points are a great choice.

Abilities and Talents

In case of Conjurer three abilities were developed.






Points in Summoning strengthen all summoned creatures by increasing their health points, magic and physical armor as well as an amount of damage dealt by them. This ability is crucial to this character.



Thanks to this ability a hero can identify items and gather information on enemies such as their resistance to a given element, amount of Initiative points or their skills.



This ability increases resistance to all elements and boosts a chance for Dodge for all nearby allies (excluding the class that uses it). Goes well with other abilities of this class and its main role on a battlefield.


Pet Pal - allows a character to speak with animals.

Starting abilities




Conjure Incarnate - Conjurer Class in Divinity Original Sin 2 - Classes - Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

Conjure Incarnate

Conjurer's key ability because it allows them to summon a familiar that is controlled by the caster. What is more, familiar's type, its traits and special abilities depends on what kind of surface it was summon on - if a familiar was summoned on Fire it gets Fireball spell and is invulnerable to fire while if it is summoned on blood, it receives Mosquito Swarm spell and is invulnerable to Bleeding status effect.

A great starting spell for this class - with time, this character gets more and more abilities that can strengthen their familiar - more detailed information can be found in "Magic schools and skills -> Summoning" chapter.

Dimensional Bolt - Conjurer Class in Divinity Original Sin 2 - Classes - Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

Dimensional Bolt

A very interesting spell because its effectiveness doesn't lie in damage but in ability to deal damage from a random element but it also creates a surface (Oil, Frozen ground, Poison etc.) based on that element.

Elemental Totem - Conjurer Class in Divinity Original Sin 2 - Classes - Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

Elemental Totem

One of the best skills that can be used in the beginning of the game. Allows you to summon a totem that attacks all nearby enemies and receives features of a surface on which it was summoned - more detailed information can be found in "Magic schools and skills -> Summoning" chapter.

This ability allows you to summon one totem per turn, their maximum number on a battlefield is 3. Also, enemies have a weird tendency to attack these totems instead of player's characters - because of that they serve as a good distraction.

Conjurer and Races






Elves aren't suited for this class - their special ability, Flesh Sacrifice, increases damage and grants additional AP but a Conjurer won't make any use of both of these features.



A very good combination because Conjurer is a support class and Humans have access to a special ability called Encourage which increases basic attributes of all nearby allies. In addition to that, they have higher Initiative which allows them to make a move before others and summon a familiar as fast as they can.



Similarly to Humans, Dwarves are great for this class - their unique talent, Sturdy, increases their Vitality and Dodges which is very important for a support class like a Conjurer.



Similarly to Elves, Lizards aren't suited for being a Conjurer - they don' have any bonuses to key attributes and their special ability, Dragon's Blaze, has a very short reach.

Which abilities are worth choosing?

A Conjurer has access to one school, Summoning, which means that they can choose from 4 starting skills. Three default skills are the best ones so you shouldn't make any changes here. Because of that you should use Conjure Incarnate, Dimensional Bolt and Elemental Totem.

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