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Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

Table of Contents

Regular talents in Divinity Original Sin 2 Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide, walkthrough

Last update: 09 March 2020

The chapter below of the Divinity Original Sin 2 guide lists all of the talents that do not require a specific attribute value, or character level. We've listed the effects of regular talents and included our own commentary for each of them.

Of course, you should keep in mind that that some of them come with the class of the character and if you have not matched the character class with your expectations, your character will receive one of the below talents by default. To find information on classes, see the chapter devoted to that topic.

All of the talents available for the character have been listed in black in the appropriate tab of the character window. - Regular talents in Divinity Original Sin 2 - Talents - Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide
All of the talents available for the character have been listed in black in the appropriate tab of the character window.




All Skilled Up

After this talent is activated, you receive immediately two ability points. One for combat-oriented abilities and another one for the character's traits.

This one makes an attention-worthy talent, due to the fact that it provides you with access to two abilities that can considerably strengthen your character. It is especially useful at the first experience levels, but consider what to spend the points on. If you still do not have a full picture of what your character should be like, it is better to wait with using this talent until later into the game.

Arrow Recovery

33% chance of retrieving a special arrow after you have fired it at the target.

The description of this talent itself lets realize that it works for ranged characters. Special arrows have unique properties, but they are relatively expensive and they may be difficult to get at the beginning of the game. Thanks to Arrow Recovery, you have a chance of collecting the arrow you have just used, after you kill the opponent, from the corpse.

Bigger and


You immediately receive two points to spend on attributes.

Contrary to All Skilled Up, this talent is pretty useless. It yields only 2 attribute points (Attribute), which are obtained with each level-up, while there are only 6 talent points possible to get in the game.

Consider investing in some other, more valuable talent.

Comeback Kid

As long as the character has one HP left, any blow that would prove lethal for the character does not kill them.

This talent can be activated during combat. If a scroll is used to resurrect the character, the talent will be reset, allowing you to use it the second time in the fight.

This talent is mutually exclusive with Leech.

This one is a powerful talent that works well for any of the classes. You should keep in mind that a streak of attacks from several opponents may make the talent useless, but as long as you can heal your character, you can be sure that they are capable of fighting.

Remember that the talent is activated only once - when the character is resurrected and killed again, you will need to use a scroll. However, after such a resurrection, this talent will again be available.

Elemental Afinity

Reduces cost of an ability from a particular element by 1 AP if a character stands on ground covered by the same element.

A talent useful only for mages, however, it is very situational because you must expose your character to a given effect (such as fire, oil or water) to make it work. For experienced players.


It allows you to retreat from combat, even if opponents are right next to you.

Another completely useless talent - you're better off just saving game often (you can do that with the generic F5 and F8 keys - quck save/load), which will make sure you never have to flee.

Far Out Man

Range of spells and scrolls is increased by 2 units.

It is useful for any character that uses this type of tools. Thanks to this, you can take more convenient positions in the battlefield and attack opponents while remaining out of their reach.

Five-Star Dinner

Doubles the bonus resulting from eating food.

Another talent, in which in fact it is not worth investing, because it does not affect the healing and strengthening potions; it only affects food. If you use food very often to increase character statistics (the bonus is doubled), consider this talent, but in most cases it is better to invest this point in something else.

Glass Cannon

Thanks to this talent, you start every turn with maximum number of action points (AP), but neither conventional, nor magic armors protect you from effects of statuses (e.g. Poison)

A powerful talent, but rather for players familiar with the game, the combat system and the abilities of the opponents they will have to face. A person equipped with this talent will be able to deal much greater damage, but will be susceptible to all effects of crowd control - freezing, stunning, blinding, or petrification.


At the maximum of HP, your character receives a 10% bonus to chance for critical hit and and bonus 20% to accuracy.

You should take interest in this talent right at the beginning of the tame. If your character's level of Initiative is high, in the majority of cases he will be able to attack the opponent still before he loses HP.

This talent is perfect for long distance fighters like archers, who in most situations stay out of reach of enemy attacks, as well as for warriors and knights equipped with plenty of points of physical and magical armor.


Standing in a pool of blood passively regenerates your HP.

This talent is mutually exclusive with Comeback Kid.

An ability that is especially useful for the characters that an impose the bleeding effect on opponents. You should keep in mind the fact that you cannot use Comeback Kid at the same time, which may be source of difficulties.

This talent can be very effective if it is used on a fighter battling with several enemies, who will additionally be hit by the abilities causing bleeding. It is also worth remembering about the Rain of Blood ability, which summons a rain of blood on the battlefield.

All in all, a much better idea is to pick Comeback Kid, unless this goes against your style or your character's class.

Living Armour

Adds 35% of what you healed (by using abilities or potions) to magic armor of that character.

A very useful talent that allows your character to get health back and regenerate some of their magic armor. Useful to all characters, especially those that are frequently healed during combat.

Lone Wolf

If a character is in a team that consists of maximum of 2 characters (including that character) it gets the following bonuses:

  1. Maximum amount of AP increased by 2
  2. AP regeneration increased by 2
  3. +30% Vitality
  4. +30% to physical and magic armor
  5. Amount of points invested in Attributes and Combat abilities is doubled

This talent is mutually exclusive with Glass Cannon.

A talent only for those players that have great knowledge about the game because it requires players to use only up to 2 characters which makes the game much more difficult.

Remember that a character (or characters) will lose this bonus if there is more than 2 heroes in a team.


Adds 3 points to Memory attribute.

One of the most interesting and useful talents in the entire game. Thanks to it, your character can receive 3 points to that attribute and save 3 points that would otherwise be used for increasing Memory attribute.

This talent should be select in the early parts of the game, at level 3 when characters get a talent point. It is especially useful to mages that use a few magic schools.

Morning Person

A revived character automatically receives a maximum of HP.

A very useful talent, especially to characters that try to focus all damage on themselves and fights at short range. Thanks to this talent, even if your "tank" falls in battle, you can revive him using a scroll and he will return to full health.


It allows you to perform an attack outside of your turn if the opponent exposes himself.

Mandatory ability for all characters fighting in melee, especially warriors and knights. When the enemy wants to run past the character with this talent, or wants to move away from it, the character will make an ordinary attack. An attack of this type can finish off the enemy, preventing it from attacking, or can inflict a crowd control effect (stunning, freezing) if the weapon deals elemental damage.

Parry Master

Increases Dodge by 10% when a character is dual-wielding.

This talent is great for assassins that use two daggers, battlemages (wands) or fighters.

Pet Pal

Allows your character to talk to animals.

A talent that is worth having on one character. Thanks to it, the hero will be able to talk to animals. During this type of conversations, you can learn interesting things about the world (treasure hiding places, quest tips) or even unlock a quest that is otherwise inaccessible.

This talent is mandatory for any team.

Picture of


Provides you with a bonus of 3% to vitality, per each point you spend on Warfare.

A perfect talent for a warrior or a knight. Thanks to developing the abilities that scale alongside abilities from the school of Warfare that those characters are based on, you automatically make them tougher.

Savage Sortilege

Each of your magic abilities receive a chance to get a critical hit which is based on your overall critical hit chance.

A very important talent for mages that, by using certain elements of equipment, can greatly increase their damage.

If you unlock this talent, you should equip your character with a weapon that has a high critical hit chance (10% for one-handed weapons and 20% for magic staffs).


Additional 5 units of effectiveness for grenades.

A talent absolutely essential for all characters that use grenades - that is, in most cases, for warriors. An additional 5 fields of range can allow you to reach an enemy that would normally remain outside the area of attack.


Lowers attitude to that hero by 25 points. Enemies that use melee weapons have a smaller chance to attack this character.

This talent is perfect for mages and archers which are characters that deal a lot of damage but they are also vulnerable to them. Thanks to it, some enemies can ignore them completely.

However, you should remember to not use characters with Stench talent during conversations with others.

The Pawn

It provides you with an extra AP at the beginning of each turn which can be used on movement.

This one is another talent that can well be used by any character. You should keep in mind that the point will be lost if , at the beginning of your turn, you perform an attack. Still, if you want to get into a more convenient position, or retreat into safety, it is a good idea to invest a point into this talent.


When a character dies, it explodes and deals damage equal to 100% of their maximum Vitality in a radius of 3 meters.

This talent is very useful to characters that have a lot of Vitality (mainly warriors that fight defensively) because it can cause a lot of damage.

This talent has two problems - it is very situational (a character must die) and it can hurt allies (if a character dies next to their companion). Because of that, it is reserved only for experienced players.

Walk It Off

Each of the effects (also the positive ones) will last one turn shorter than by default.

Before you pick this talent, it is necessary that you consider all pros and cons. On the one hand, the option to remove all of the negative effects is tempting, but you should keep in mind that the majority of opponents do not need any special attacks to impose them. This way, you can deprive yourself of many important bonuses, while you achieve little.


After you perform a lethal attack, you receive two more AP.

This talent is highly useful to all the characters that concentrate on landing critical hits. Thatnks to the high bonus, they can finish out the opponent and switch quickly to another one, or retreat into safety.

What A Rush

Increases the action points replenish rate by 1, if a hero has less than 50% health points.

After the updates, the talent has become more powerful because it now requires less than 50% health points as opposed to 30% earlier. This is a very useful talent especially for melee fighters who are exposed to more injuries.


The character can heal with poison, but regular healing deals damage to the character.

This is another one of the talents in this section that mainly advanced players should consider. Otherwise, it can cause more harm than good, and the inability to heal the character in a conventional way can easily thwart your chances of winning a fight.

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