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Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide by

Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

Table of Contents
Fort Joy - map of all quests in Fort Joy
Fort Joy - map of all quests in Fort Joy
Talking with him will activate the Teleporter.
Here you will find magister Yarrow, talking with whom will activate The Murderous Gheist quest, and Fara, who gives you the quest Every Mother's Nightmare.
Once you start playing, The Escape, The Collar and The Voices quests will be automatically activated.
If you have the Pet Pal talent, you will be able to talk to him. He will give you the quest Finding Emmie.
Use the Bless ability on one of the pigs to unlock The Burning Pig quest.
Here you will find Saheila, who will give you The Imprisoned Elf quest, and Modi, who will unlock Withermoore's Soul Jar quest.
Here you will find Elodi, talking with whom can enable you to complete The Shakedown quest, and Nebora, talking with whom unlocks the Arena Of Fort Joy quest.
By talking with subsequent people in the camp you can activate the following quests: Most Dangerous When Cornered, The Shriekers, Call To Arms, The Eternal Worshipper, A Rare Prey and Healing Touch.
If you save him from the magisters, the Call To Arms quest will be activated.
You will find a journal on her corpse. Reading it will unlock The Vault Of Braccus Rex quest.
Entering this area will automatically activate The Armoury quest.
Taking with him will activate The Purged Dragon quest.
Opening the door leading to the labyrinth will unlock The Gargoyle's Maze quest.
Talking with a group of undead in the tower will activate the quest A Fate Worse Than Death.
The quest is activated once you witness Atusa's execution.
On Real Trompdoy's corpse you will find the Band Of Braccus. Equipping it will activate The Cursed Ring quest.
Talk to him to unlock The Imprisoned Elf quest.
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Quests in Fort Joy - Map of quests and quest givers in Fort Joy Quests and Map in Fort Joy - Divinity: Original Sin II Game Guide

Last update: 07 November 2017

1. Start - this is where you will find yourself once the chapter starts. It will automatically unlock quests The Escape, The Voices and The Collar.

2. Gawin - a man named Gawin can be found in Fort Joy Ghetto. If you tell him that you are alone, he will ask for your help. This will unlock the quest The Teleporter.

3. Fort Joy Ghetto's walls - Here you can unlock two quests.

  1. At the entrance to the walls you will encounter Fara. Speak with her. She will ask you to find her daughter. If you agree, the quest Every Mother's Nightmare will start.
  2. On the wall you will meet Yarrow. During the conversation you will be asked for information about Migo. This will unlock the quest The Murderous Gheist.

4. Buddy - a dog that can be found near the entrance to the Caverns. If you have Pet Pal trait, you can speak with him. He will ask you to find his friend Emmie. If you agree, Finding Emmie quest will start.

5. Burning pigs - while traveling through the island, you will find a place with a group of burning pigs. Use Bless on one of them and The Burning Pig quest will start.


6. Caverns - here you can activate two quests

  1. In one of the hideouts you will find Saheila. Speak with her. She will ask you to find Amyr. This will unlock the quest The Imprisoned Elf.
  2. Two kids are running through the caverns. Speak with Mody. He will ask you to play hide and seek. If you agree to play with him, he will show you a secret hatch. This will unlock the quest Withermoore's Soul Jar.

Fort Joy Ghetto's gate

7. Fort Joy Ghetto's gate - here you can activate two quests

  1. Near the gate you will encounter Elodi. She will argue with loan holders. Speak with her and you will activate The Shakedown quest.
  2. Near the gate you will also encounter a blacksmith named Nebora. Speak with her and you will activate the Arena of Fort Joy quest.

Sanctuary Of Amadia

8. Sanctuary Of Amadia - here you can activate six quests.

  1. When talking with one of the seekers, for example with Kerban, you will learn that their leader is missing. If you agree to help them, you will activate quest Most Dangerous When Cornered.
  2. If previously you haven't encountered any Shriekers, speak to one of the seekers. This will activate The Shriekers quest.
  3. If you failed to save Gareth, you can speak to Exter and activate quest Call To Arms.
  4. After saving Gareth you can speak with him about Godwocken. The information received from him will activate the quest A Rare Prey.
  5. In Sanctuary of Amadia you will encounter a group of wounded seekers. Use a healing ability, for example Restoration, on one of them. You will unlock the quest Healing Touch.
  6. Near the quick travel point you will encounter Gratiana. Speak to her and she will ask you to bring her a Soul Jar. This will unlock The Eternal Worshipper quest.

9. Gareth - if you managed to save him in Old Ruins, you will be able to speak with him after the battle. This will activate the Call To Arms quest.

10. Corpse of Magilla - in the area where you fought crocodiles you will find a corpse of Magilla. Search the corpse and you will find a journal. Read it to unlock The Vault of Braccus Rex quest.

Decrepit Ruins

11. Decrepit Ruins - in Old Ruins you will find a passage to Decrepit Ruins. Entering it will automatically start The Armoury quest.

12. Slane - one of the beaches on the island is covered with ice. In its center you will find an imprisoned dragon. Destroy all the totems that are holding him. Then speak to the beast and you will unlock The Purged Dragon quest.

Gargoyle's Maze

13. Gargoyle's Maze - once you reach the entrance to the labyrinth, you will automatically activate The Gargoyle's Maze quest.

14. Undead - once you complete The Gargoyle's Maze, you will reach a tower. There you will meet three undead. Speak with them and you will activate A Fate Worse Than Death quest.

Other quests in Fort Joy

15. Atusa - once you reach the gates of Fort Joy Ghetto, you will witness a trial of Atusa. No matter what you do, she will die and the Sings Of The Resistance quest will activate.

16. Real Trompdoy - during The Vault of Braccus Rex quest you will fight Real Trompdoy. In his body you will find Band of Braccus. Let one of the party members equip it and you will start The Cursed Ring quest.

17. Amyro - you will find a cage in Fort Joy Kitchen. Inside it there will be Amyro locked. Speak to him and you will start The Imprisoned Elf quest. After freeing him The Tribe of Saheila quest will start.

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