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Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

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How to save the Black Cat in Fort Joy in Divinity Original Sin 2? Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide, walkthrough

Who's the Black Cat? What's the purpose of the Black Cat? Is your black cat lost? Check our guide to learn how to find him. We unravel the biggest secret in the Divinity Original Sin 2: what to do with the Black Cat?!

Last update: 09 March 2020

The black cat quest is one of the biggest secrets of Divinity Original Sin 2. This page contains a walkthrough for this quest and lists the rewards for it - you'll learn where to find the black cat, how to save him, and what are the rewards for rescuing the cat.

Who is the black cat?

Right after you get shipwrecked on Fort Joy island, you will encounter a black cat. You can't miss it, in fact, as the cat will approach you and refuse to leave your party. Talking to it will give you nothing. Even if have the Pet Pal talent - which we recommend you to have - the cat will prove to be antisocial and... prone to twisting things around, as it accuses YOU of following it. Nobody knows whether the cat is a victim of a Polymorph spell or just your typical feline bastard - what we do know, however, is how to complete the related quest and what do we get for keeping the kitty alive.

How to save the black cat?

The charming black cat isn't the nicest traveling companion. We have no control over its actions, and often it will vanishe or get killed before we even notice. Well, the OBJECTIVE of this mysterious quest is to escort the cat outside the Fort Joy stronghold. In other words, you simply have to bring it to The Hollow Marshes. To keep the black furball alive, you'll have to remember about several important things:

  1. Keep the cat away from magisters. The guards here apparently hate cats, and may send an arrow out of pure spite, ending all of the cat's remaining lives.
  2. The cat will stick to ONE of your party members, not your party as a whole. This means that you can separate the cat's keeper from the rest of the party to keep the cat safe from stray arrows. If you really have to talk to the guards, have the cat and it's "master" wait at a respectful distance.
  3. The cat will flee from combat, and turns will have nothing on it! This means that when a fight breaks out, the cat will try to find a safe hiding spot. Since it isn't affected by turns like the rest of the party, it will move in real-time until its AI believes it's safe.
  4. The cat likes to vanish after combat! During a fight, the cat will usually hide several dozen meters away, and return to its "special person" after the battle. Not always, though. Sometimes, the cat will run across the whole map to leave it through one of the location exits! This happens especially often in Fort Joy underground (e.g. Underground Tunnel, where we encounter fire snails). Don't worry though - after the fight, simply leave the loot for a moment (you'll get back to pick it up in a moment), and head for the same exit the cat took. The cat will spawn close to you once you exit the location. You'll just have to talk to it again to have it "rejoin" your party.
  5. The cat is marked as a yellow dot on the map - keep an eye on it all the time!
  6. The cat is vulnerable to environment and status effects! While it can run pretty fast, it sometimes happens to run across fire or poison. Don't forget to heal it, as it's got low HP.
  7. The black cat doesn't like fast travel. Forget about the teleporting altars for a moment. It will be safer to simply walk it off, rather than tempting your fate with teleportation. If, however, you do use the altar, the cat won't be transported with you. In most cases, it will be patiently waiting at the altar until you return, especially if it was just for a quick shopping and you were back in 15 minutes.
  8. NOTE: If you leave the cat alone it may disappear. It may happen, for example, if you leave it in the underground, use a teleport and go fight on the Arena of the One during The Collar quest. It would be much better to return with the cat, on foot, and take it to the arena. This way the cat will simply wait for you to finish your battle.
Thanks to Black Cat Feline Leap Skill you can act like a... cat. - How to save the Black Cat in Fort Joy in Divinity Original Sin 2? - FAQ - Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide
Thanks to Black Cat Feline Leap Skill you can act like a... cat.

Rewards for saving the black cat

Assuming you eventually manage to get the cat to The Hallow Marshes safe and sound (no matter which route you took), it will disappear. You'll receive a notice that the cat, grateful for your escorts, has become your friend. Completion of the black cat quest will give you a special ability. Black Cat skill will allow you to summon the black cat in combat (without spending Source Points). Other than helping you in battle, the cat can also jump and switch places with its owner. This means that you can send the cat nearby an enemy mage, and then switch it with your fighter, teleporting them to the enemy. Skillful use of the cat can give you great advantage in combat. It's an additional teleportation, without spending you party's action points!

Black Cat Skills

Our black furry friend has two very useful skills:

Feline Leap - your cat can jump in combat. It's very helpful if you want to reach higher grounds or jump straight to the enemy.

Swap Places - it's a teleport skill. Your cat can swap places with his master. Very handy in battles for atacking or fleeing.

The stats of the summoned black cat depend on the current level of its owner and their Summoning skill. Consider investing some skill points in summoning if you plan to rely on the cat often.

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