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Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

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What is the point of the Corpse Eater talent in Divinity Original Sin 2? Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide, walkthrough

Last update: 09 March 2020

Divinity Original Sin 2 introduces a rather important new feature for the races available in the game - elves are characterized not by their exceptional beauty and longevity but by Corpse Eater talent. It allows them to eat corpses - body parts, to be more precise. This page of the guide explains the mechanics of Corpse Eater talent - you will learn what bonuses you get by eating corpses.

What do I get by eating corpses?

This has two effects - in most of the cases, it simply inflicts a rather strong regeneration but sometimes, during a moment of eating a "unique snack", a character can learn new skill (which is described later).

Corpse Eater is an interesting talent that allows you to learn additional skills. - What is the point of the Corpse Eater talent in Divinity Original Sin 2? - FAQ - Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide
Corpse Eater is an interesting talent that allows you to learn additional skills.

Warning - this mechanism is very bugged. Sometimes, eating a body part may not give you a desired skill. Because of that it is recommended to save your game before eating a body part - you can try again if you encounter a bug. What is more, after eating a body part you won't see a communicate that you have unlocked a new skill - even though it was unlocked.

New skills received by eating certain body parts

By consuming body parts, you can learn the following skills:

  1. Fortify - after eating Atutsa's Leg. This character is executed near the entrance to Fort Joy.
  2. First Aid - Severed Head is in possession of Elodi which can be found in Caverns during The Shakedown quest.
  3. Armour of Frost - Saheila's Arm. An item that you can get by killing Saheila in Caverns.
  4. Blacklash - a magister's head whose body can be found north from Shrine to Lucian. The body is close to a beach and a dog runs near it.
  5. Peace of Mind - a head inside of a chest located between Shrine to Lucian and Seekers' base. The chest is among Noxious Bulgs that creates poison clouds and fields of fire.

Warning - if you have problems with locating the places described above, you should check out the chapter with map of Fort Joy [M1].

Body parts can only be consumed by elves and Undead that were turned into elves - you can read about that in "Mask of the Shapeshifter - how to find and use it" chapter. The skills still have their requirements - for example, fortify requires you to have Geomancer ability at, at least, level 1.

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