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News video games 31 October 2023, 06:23

author: Marcin Przala

2023 Brought Record Number of Outstanding Launches and Layoffs

The ongoing year 2023 is full of releases of truly excellent games, and critics' ratings suggest that the last few months in gaming may have been the best period in the history of digital entertainment. Nevertheless, the industry is struggling with a wave of mass layoffs.

Source: Insomniac/Bethesda/Larian Studios/Nintendo/Capcom.

The year 2023 is definitely spoiling gamers in terms of high-profile launches. To date, there have been as many as 25 titles (and aDLCs) that have received an average rating of 90/100 or higher - on at least one platform. And yet, we still have such potential hits as The Talos Principle 2 or Super Mario RPG ahead of us.

The current year is already a record-breaker, at least if we consider the history of review aggregation websites - Metacritic or OpenCritic. I'd even be tempted to say that 2023 is the best year in the history of gaming, and certainly one of the most successful when it comes to lauches as seen by critics.

To confirm this, we have the relevant data. As noted by Axios, 2023 saw the release of more than twice as many gaming "diamonds" as the industry has averaged over the past decade on an annual basis. This is because this amounted in round numbers to 12 highly rated game per calendar year (2018 turned out to be exceptionally good in this respect, when 19 such games were released).

As you can see, it's a great time to be a gamer. The reason for the flood of successful launches is certainly the entry of the industry into what we can call the "post-COVID" period. The studios managed to return to normal operation mode after the pandemic and finally released projects on which work had clearly slowed down during the COVID era. However, there is also a fly in the ointment when it comes to gaming in the broadest sense.

Tough year for developers

The current year, unfortunately, has not been as successful for everyone in the industry as the games that have come out. What's more, the last few months in gaming have been marked by massive layoffs that affected even the most established studios.

Studios that parted with some staff include PlayStation Studios, Telltale Games, Team17, Epic Games, Striking Distance, CD Projekt RED, Niantic, Firaxis or Crystal Dynamics. Moreover, some studios, such as Volition, have announced complete termination of operations.

Let's hope that, overall, a successful 2023 will have a positive impact on the situation of workers and the game industry in the coming months and years.

Marcin Przała

Marcin Przała

Graduate of Journalism and Social Communication at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. He has been interested in games from an early age, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Dragon Age: Origins hold a special place in his heart. His passion for electronic entertainment led to the phenomenon of immersion becoming the subject of his bachelor's thesis. Today, above all, a fan of soulslike and classic RPGs. Besides games, he likes dark fantasy literature, and for many years he has been eagerly following the English Premier League, where his beloved club - Chelsea - plays.


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