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News video games 21 June 2022, 23:15

author: destroytheardor

Abandon Hope for Mirror's Edge 3; DICE Has Time Only for BF

The new head of DICE gave her first interview since taking over at the end of last year. She promises continued support for BF2042, but also makes it clear that we shouldn't expect Mirror's Edge 3 or Star Wars Battlefront 3.

  • DICE head extinguishes hopes for a continuation of Mirror's Edge.
  • The studio is focusing exclusively on the Battlefield series.
  • Battlefield 2042 will not be abandoned, and work on improving the game is still ongoing.

In November last year there was a big reshuffle at DICE, the studio responsible for the Battlefield series. Rebecka Coutaz became the new CEO, her predecessor Oscar Gabrielson said goodbye to Electronic Arts, and changes were announced in the process of creating the next installments of these popular shooters. A new team has even been formed in Seattle to improve the scripts for the upcoming installments of Battlefield. Will there be room in all this for, for example, the third part of Star Wars: Battlefront or Mirror's Edge?

There won't be a Mirror's Edge 3... or anything like it anytime soon

Since taking office at the end of last year until now, the new head of DICE did not give interviews. Journalists from managed to secure a chance for a conversation and one of the first topics was that of Mirror's Edge 3, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and other projects of similar caliber. Unfortunately, we have bad news.

"Rebecka Coutaz (DICE CEO): Our focus is solely on Battlefield 2042. That's what we want to do right now and we don't have time for anything else. In the next three years we want to become a first-person shooter powerhouse [...]."

Such an answer to the question about the possibility of creating a new game from the Mirror's Edge series does not fill us with optimism. What's more, the head of DICE also pointed out that we should not expect any projects of this caliber in the near future. It seems that the Swedes are taking the path of Activision and, just as that company focused solely on the Call of Duty series, DICE intends to make only the next Battlefield games.

Original Mirror's Edge was a big breath of fresh air not only for the studio's portfolio, but also for the entire industry. First-person platformer based on parkour and fluidity of movement with small elements of combat gathered great reviews and became a cult title in some circles. Slightly more coldly received, the second part titled Mirror's Edge: Catalyst did not conquer the world, but it was still quite enjoyable to play, and Electronic Arts was satisfied with the financial results. Fans were hoping that the third part of the series would fix what Catalyst fell short at but apparently we'll have to wait a bit longer for that. Maybe our kids will play it. Or their kids.

We also have good news. In the same interview the head of DICE revealed that a team of veteran employees is working hard to fix Battlefield 2042 and has no plans to abandon the game anytime soon, contrary to what has recently been rumored. Subsequent seasons are not in jeopardy, and the developers themselves are happy with the direction their black sheep is taking.

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