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News video games 13 September 2021, 22:07

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Arkane Continues Old Tradition; 30 Year-old Easter Egg in Deathloop

Deathloop lets us find our first easter egg very quickly. All we have to do is enter a code that Arkane Studios fans (and others) know all too well.

Deathloop's release isn't until tomorrow, but reviewers have already taken to uncovering the game's secrets. One of them is the "Old habits die hard" achievement which you get if you enter the code 0451 when a door or safe is closed. You can do it at the very beginning, which is shown in the video below. Although it probably won't open the passage, it will reward us with a comment from Colt (the main character) and a trophy.

Code 0451 (or variations of it) has appeared in many games. It was the code that opened the first door in BioShock and first safe in Dishonored; it also appeared in Transistor, Deus Ex and Mafia III. This is not an unexplained tradition, but rather a tribute to Looking Glass, the now defunct company behind Thief and the first System Shock. This combination of numbers originates from the latter game, and was was included because it was the opening code for the developer's office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The studio closed down due to financial problems in 2000.

It is possible that this or a similar sequence will open some doors, although it will not be deliberate action of the devs. Deathloop randomly assigns codes each time you start the game.

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