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News video games 26 July 2019, 17:02

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Blizzard Overdid it? Queen Azshara is Massacring Guild Raiding Parties

World of Warcraft players are still fighting for the title of the first one to defeat queen Azshara in Mythic mode. The new boss turned out to be a big challenge, but WoW's leading guilds are not happy about that.

The underwater queen has yet to succumb to the players.

Since July 17, the best World of Warcraft players have been trying their hand at Azshara's Eternal Palace raid at the highest Mythic difficulty level. They've been "trying", because so far none of the guilds have been able to deal with the queen of nagas. Even the best teams - European Method and American Limit - have not managed to reduce the boss' health bar by more than half or defeat all her supporting enemies. It happened that after hundreds of unsuccessful attempts, representatives of the leading WoW guilds expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter, calling Azshara "the most not fun endboss ever" and "hard for all the wrong reasons".

What exactly did the fight against the queen of nagas to get to WoW players? The higher the number of enemies on Mythic difficulty significantly raises the level of the challenge. A big difficulty is the faster appearance of the so-called Loyal Myrmidons, which cast a powerful Charged Spear spell, belonging to Arcane class and dealing damage to the entire party. It's unfortunate that players in Azshara's visual range become more susceptible to this type of magic, and the longer they stay in view, the more they become weak against it. In combination with reduced health of players characters and attacks of other mobs it can be devastating.

The mythical clash with the chosen of N'Zoth continues.

But that's not the worst part. When the battle against Azshara enters the fourth, final phase, the characters supporting her go berserk, significantly increasing their combat potential. With twice the damage and significantly reduced casting time, Charged Spear - very dangerous as it was - will now almost certainly wipe the entire raiding party. This forces the the party to eliminate the boss' helpers before the final stage. The problem is that the players have only two minutes to do it from the start of the third phase, and the loss of half of the health points by the boss will automatically force the final phase. In short, the guilds had to navigate in such a way as to kill Azshara's helpers before time passed, but without hurting her too much, and enraging her minions prematurely, but also to move away from the boss to remove Arcane magic weakness. All this in addition to the already demanding boss battle.

Azshara is demolishing Azeroth's top guilds.

Apart from how much more difficult was the fight because of this, the above mentioned FOV mechanics were complained about the most. This is the main reason why the mythical battle with Azshara is not popular with WoW players. And not only those taking part in the fight - also the audience are not delighted with the clash with the queen of nagas. Many are all the more disappointed that the battles with the earlier bosses from Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid caused a lot of excitement.

The road to the last boss was more interesting for the players then the last boss herself.

Apparently, the whining reached Blizzard, who decided to nerf Azshara a bit. Yesterday's patch changed the type of Charged Spear spell (from Arcane to Nature), as well as shortened the duration of Arcane magic weakness from 7 seconds to 5 seconds. Soon there will also be another important change to be made: the boss' helpers will go berserk not after two, but three minutes after the start of the third phase of the fight. However, even if it translates into beating her by Method, Limit or other WoW guilds taking part in the race, Azshara has already earned her place in the annals of MMOs as yet another "impossible" boss. However, it is unlikely to knock the original C'Thun off the pedestal, who more than ten years ago has put the guilds through a lot (mainly due to errors). If you are interested in who will be the first to beat the Empress of Nazjatar in Mythic, you can check out the relevant topic on Reddit or follow Twitch (e.g. of the Method Guild).

The players needed almost three months to defeat C'Thun.
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