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News video games 12 October 2015, 15:26

author: luckie

Chaos Reborn 1.0 coming out this month

Chaos Reborn 1.0 version is going to be released on October 26. At first, the game will not include all features planned, but they will arrive within a few weeks after the launch.

Chaos Reborn 1.0 coming out this month - picture #1
On October 26 Chaos will be reborn

After a year and a half of development Chaos Reborn is leaving early access on October 26, 2015. As Jullian Gollop from Snapshot Games stated in the newest Kickstarter update, 1.0 version will not include all promised features – e.g. the demigod and god roles will be missing at first – but they will come within the first two months from the launch. New content is planned to be released throughout regular game updates.

Since patch 1.0 the game is going to be focused on new players, so we can expect a detailed tutorial and enhanced interface. Besides, all players’ accounts will be reset, so that both new and existing players could start from scratch. The latest reincarnation of the turn-based strategy games about multiplayer battles of mages is coming out exclusively to PC.

  1. Official website of Chaos Reborn
Chaos Reborn

Chaos Reborn

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