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News video games 12 September 2019, 14:15

author: Bart Swiatek

Death Stranding - Hideo Kojima Shows 49 Minutes of Gameplay

During the Tokyo Game Show 2019, the creator of Death Stranding, well-known Japanese developer Hideo Kojima, presented a very extensive, almost 49-minute long, gameplay from the aforementioned production. The material shows many different aspects of the game - from preparation for the journey, through exploration, to combat.

Extensive gameplay from Death Stranding.

During the Tokyo Game Show 2019, the famous developer Hideo Kojima presented a comprehensive gameplay from his latest production, the highly anticipated Death Stranding, the footage lasting almost 49 minutes. The video presents a number of different gameplay mechanics and enables us to see how it will it all actually work.

Exploration and proper preparation

On many of the materials from Death Stranding so far, we have seen the main character, Sam, played by Norman Reedus, wandering through the vast wilderness. The same is also true for the new gameplay fragment and there are many indications that it will be a very important part of the game in the work of Hideo Kojima. It is worth noting that we will be able to move at different speeds and even use vehicles (e.g. a motorcycle).

During the presentation, the artist devoted a lot of attention to the preparation for the journey, which, as it turns out, requires many important choices to be made. We have to decide what the hero will take with him (e.g. ladders or anchors - we have to take into account the weight) and what kind of equipment he will be equipped with (e.g. special mechanical arms, or the so-called exoskeleton, which is a kind of powered armor). The game will feature something that resembles a flying palette, which will allow you to take even more things with you, and if necessary.... will carry our hero.

Death Stranding will certainly not lack impressive landscapes.

Before we set off on the journey, we will also need to look at the three-dimensional map, which shows the topography of the terrain and take the route that we think will be the best. Everything seems to indicate that Death Stranding will be a game that, if anything, will not overdo when it comes to guiding the player by the hand.

Elements of survival and realism

During the journey there will be a need to deal with various dangers and obstacles. Many of them will leave their mark on the hero, and one of the player's tasks will be to take care of his psychophysical condition. Interestingly, it's not just about things like eating and sleeping, but also about massaging our shoulders and playing the harmonica.

The commitment to realism is also evident in the second part of the video, when it starts to get dangerous and Sam is forced to fight for his life. In order to deal with enemies, we will often have to move quickly and efficiently, which cannot be done with the heavy load usually carried on the character's back. Therefore, before combat it is good to leave the things that weigh us down. Of course, we can get our things back again when we have dealt with the threat. During the battles we will be using a number of weapons and tools, such as grenades (made of quite original components, such as... condensed body fluids or blood) and guns.

Some enemies in Death Stranding are quite large in size.

Remember, you're not alone

Although the world of Death Stranding seemingly resembles one big wasteland, Sam is not the only person travelling it. During the journey we will often encounter traces left behind by other travellers. Everything seems to indicate that this means other players - the mechanics are a bit like the note system known from the Dark Souls series.

A key element of Death Stranding is to establish relationships with other characters. During the journey, Sam gradually forms a so-called Chiral Network - we do it by completing tasks and doing favors for other characters. Unfortunately, we do not know what role this link will play in the game itself.

Contact with other people often looks like this.

Death Stranding will debut on November 8. The game will only be available on PlayStation 4 (although there is no shortage of rumors about a possible PC release at a later date, but for now it is difficult to say whether they are reliable).

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Death Stranding

Death Stranding

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