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News video games 15 May 2021, 16:17

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Dying Light 2 Devs Explain Plot Outline

Developers from Techland ensure that the upcoming Dying Light 2 will be connected to the prequel. We can expect, among others, new information about the G.R.E. organization. We also found out that the decisions made during the game will affect the image of its protagonist, Aiden.

Techland has published a second video on their YouTube channel answering fan questions - we wrote about the first one here - about Dying Light 2. Tymon Smektala (the game's main designer) and Julia Szynkaruk (one of the producers) explained in it how the stories from Dying Light 1 and Dying Light 2 will be connected. They also explained a bit about world exploration and the player's influence on the character in the sequel, which is planned for this year. You can watch the material below.

It turns out that both games will be strongly connected. The question of which ending of The Following expansion - crowning the story of the first installment - will turn out to be canonical aroused particular consternation among fans. The developers didn't want to reveal any details about it, but they promised that we'll find out when we play Dying Light 2.

"It's still a bit too early to tell you, but let me just say that the events in Dying Light 2 and the events that lead up to Dying Light 2 are very strongly connected with what happened in the first game," said Tymon Smektala.

"The story of Dying Light 2 takes place several years after the story of Dying Light 1. Kyle Crane was such an important person in all the events that happened in Dying Light 1, so he must have left at least an impact on what will happen in Dying Light 2," added Julia Szynkaruk.

We also learned that the second installment will feature the G.R.E. (Global Relief Effort) organization, known from Dying Light. In the game's world, we'll find a lot of objects which are supposed to bring us closer to its history and explain what G.R.E. did in the years between the first and second installment. Smektala even revealed that the game will include side activities connected with the organization.

"(...) there will even be open-world activities built around you discovering and exploring abandoned GRE Labs and Quarantine Areas, so if you're really interested in the backstory of GRE you'll have a lot of places where you will be able to learn it."

We've known for a while now that in Dying Light 2 we will play as a new character. Aiden will be a predefined character with his own motivations. At least at the beginning of the game - as the story progresses we'll discover secrets from his past, and he'll find his own identity. What Aiden will be like in the end will depend on our choices. It's hard to say whether these will be significant differences because the devs only mention that the character can become more confident or start to pay more attention to relationships with other people and the greater good.

Unfortunately, we still don't know the release date of Techland's new game. The expanding marketing campaign may suggest that the title will indeed be released later, this year. The company - which recently registered the Dying Light 2 Stay Human trademark - admitted that second intallment was announced too quickly. All we know is that it's set to offer a campaign to last for around 20 hours' worth of gameplay, all of which can be completed in co-op with another player.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

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