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News video games 16 June 2016, 12:10

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E3 2016 Essential #4 (June 15) – State of Mind, Huntdown, Fallout 4: Nuka World

As E3 goes on, some news emerged on Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefield 1, Halo Wars 2, Fallout 4: Nuka World, and Daedalic Entertainment's State of Mind. Check out the E3 day 4 essential.

E3 goes on, people get to watch and play demos from the hottest video games and have face-to-face conversations with developers present in Los Angeles. Although all the major announcements were made during the first couple of days, we still get to hear some interesting info about much anticipated titles. Here’s the essential news from E3 day 4 (June 15):

Daedalic Entertainment’s State of Mind gets a debut trailer

Daedalic Entertainment have released an official announcement teaser for State of Mind, their next 3D adventure game revealed prior to E3. The story is going to be set in a dystopian Berlin of 2048 and a virtual utopia called City 5.

Halo Wars 2 without cross-play

Announced at the Microsoft media briefing, Halo Wars 2 is coming out on PC and Xbox One on February 21, 2017 as an Xbox Play Anywhere game. However, the RTS from Creative Assembly won’t allow for cross-platform play, as Eurogamer found out.

Battlefield 1 to feature playable French in a DLC

French and Russian soldiers will be absent from Battlefield 1 multiplayer, at least initially. Julien Wera from DICE told IGN France that the French forces will be added as a playable faction in a post-launch premium DLC. No word on the Russians so far.

Oldschool shooter Huntdown announced

An oldschool arcade shooter Huntdown has been announced for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. Set in a dystopian future metropolis where gangs rule the streets, Huntdown looks a lot like Metal Slug. The game is planned to release in 2016.

  1. More assets on the official website

Mass Effect: Andromeda new info

A certain Reddit user gathered up all tiny bits of new information about Mass Effect: Andromeda from across different websites and interviews. Everything is there in one place, from the protagonist’s name to combat mechanics – read more in this thread.

Fallout 4: Nuka World will let you play as a Raider

Fallout 4: Nuka World DLC is going to introduce a new region and let you become a leader of Raiders. This info has been revealed by a description of the upcoming add-on posted on Steam.

E3 2016 Essential #4 (June 15) – State of Mind, Huntdown, Fallout 4: Nuka World - picture #1
For the first time in the history of the Fallout series we will get to play as a Raider.

Halo 6 to hit PC

Microsoft is planning to release all their future major games on both XONE and Windows 10 PC – that also includes the next installment in the Halo FPS series, as Phil Spencer told PC Gamer. However, it is unlikely that Halo 5: Guardians would hit PC too.

27 minutes of Sniper Elite 4 gameplay footage

Nearly half-an-hour long gameplay footage from Sniper Elite 4 was posted online by Eurogamer. The material comes from the E3 demo and gives a glimpse at what mayhem a single sharpshooter can cause.

Cossacks 3 trailer features Prussia faction

A new trailer from GSC Game World’s RTS Cossacks 3 has just appeard online. The video features playable Prussia faction attacked by a hostile army.

  1. More assets on the official website
Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2

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